Tips and Tricks

Here is a basic HTML guide to help add links and style to your blog posts:

1. When quoting parts of an article or report from another source
< blockquote > Text Here < /blockquote>

The end result will appear like this in your article. It will show offset and centered within your post.

2. To Bold a Name or Line of Text
< strong> Text Here < /strong>

This will make your text go from to

3. To Italicize a Name or Line of Text
< em> Text Here < /em> to

4. To add a link from another source, use the following:
< a href="(source link/URL)"> (text you want linked)

Here's an example of how your line should look:
< a href="">ChicagoCubsOnline

If linked properly, then the text ChicagoCubsOnline will be hyper-linked. So when ChicagoCubsOnline (or your link is clicked on) it will go directly to your source.

**Note: In order to provide the proper coding options, a space was added after the lead < on all HTML codes above. There should not be any spaces inside the <>.