The Vine Line's New Look

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VineLine25-pub.jpgThe Vine Line, the monthly magazine of the Chicago Cubs, is celebrating its 25th Anniversary with a new look and new size. The Cubs monthly mag is quite a bit smaller, 9"x10 7/8" than the 10"x12" that has been the norm for many years. The Vine Line also features a new logo ... and a new publisher, EMI Network.


This got me started all these:

Matt Murton was someone whom the Cubs organization, GM Hendry and his "guru" team, didn't really care as soon as they signed Alfonso Soriano.

Murton had excellent numbers and favorite scouting report back in his Minor days, especially pre-2007. The details are around googlesphere (more specifically, Baseball Cube, Fangraphs, etc.); I'm not here to bore you out with numbers.

The point here: He could actually run and throw as a Center Fielder in Japan! Look at the film. Wow.

Koshien, the home park of Hanshin Tiger (Kobe / Osaka), has one of the biggest fields in N.P.B. (Japan's big league). So, when I first heard Murton will take over the biggest part of this field, I was like: "Wut the hell are those coaches thinking."

Yeah, Murton was not supposed to field center. As the season goes on, I'm sure the old number-et-projection will reveal and there'll be a regress a ...

More on arbitration

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"When You Reach For Your Food, It's Nice to Have Money."

Inspired by Neil's:

Since it's been seventeen years, since the graceful Grace actually walked this court for our starring milk money, the last arbitration-case for the club of Chicago Cubs, I'll like to quote here and highlight some important FYI from Bill James's classic, "This Time Let's Not Eat the Bones," published 1989. As also part of the group that represent players in arbitration, James wrote in this book a long essay that explains what arbitration is, why baseball needs it, and what exactly does the arb. influences (I'm using the acronym if the voice is me).

We start with the character that is true about arbs.

"Real arbitration cases are polite, reserved, extraordinarily orderly, and involve as a rule almost no bitterness or anger. Of course, underneath the veneer of ...

The CCO received an email from regarding a new app they have released for the iPhone and iPod touch.

The Cubs Index App chronicles the day-to-day exploits of the Cubs - a team that has a fanatical fan base of historic proportions. A unique set of statistics, opinions, and news provides you with insight into what is going on with the Cubs - on and off the field - and your level of misery or bliss - as a Cubs fan.

During the Cubs Convention news surfaced that Tyler Colvin was a victim of identity theft. According to a report emailed to the CCO from the Salt Lake Tribune, Matthew T. Van Meter, 24, was charged in Utah state court with felony counts of theft and forgery.

Van Meter used the name and documents identifying him as Tyler Colvin.

Link to full report from the Salt Lake Tribune


JimK's Obituary

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Jim Kneisley's Obituary in the Indianapolis Star


Worth, ILL - A young boy who suffers from various life-threatening illnesses recently had his wish granted to meet Chicago Cubs player Aramis Ramirez. The wish was made possible with the help of national charity Kids Wish Network.

Nicholas, who is 11-years-old, was born with Hydrocephalus, a cleft lip and palate, and Crouzan Syndrome, which results in the premature fusion of certain bones in the skull. He has had seven surgeries in his short life, including brain surgery, a bone graft and various reconstructive surgeries to help repair the malformations in his face caused by his illnesses. He will soon undergo another surgery, which will be his most extensive surgery to date, in which surgeons will work to make his face appear more symmetrical.

A Kids Wish Network Wish Referral Specialist contacted Gina, Nicholas' mom, and sent an application for a wish out to their home. Once the application was completed, Wish Coordinator Vanessa and Wish Funding Specialist Do ...

OK...I was just surfking articles on the Sun Times website about the Cubs and after THREE seperate articles pissed me off....I'm here to vent and hope that somehow Lou Piniella and Jim Hendry see this.

Article 1:,CST-SPT-cub20.article

In this article Lou says
''I don't have the luxury here of having young kids that we can bring up here and put on the field and provide a little more energy and possibly jump-start it from that position,'' Piniella said. ''We don't have that. So our veteran players are going to have to dig in and get it done. That's it.''

Hey dumbass...yes you have depleted Iowa about as much as can be. Now how about PLAYING the kids that you did get?!?!?! Fuld would provide a TON of energy and has! Fox has earned a chance to play regularly! Hoffpauir should have been used more! Don't make such a stupid comment that you don't have the luxury of using kids to give a spark. N ... - Click Here for the WTTW homepage

The PBS station has an interesting John Calloway interview with Jack Brickhouse...
Brickhouse broadcast the Cubs for over forty years.


The Cubs traded Jason Dubois to the New York Mets on Thursday for a player to be named later. Dubois could be with the Mets in the near future due to all of the injuries the Metropolitans have dealt with this season.

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