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How bout Griffey?

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With the White Sox not wanting Griffey, what about the possibility of him moving to the North Side. We need a left handed bat and maybe a year in Wrigley can get Junior going again. I think he'd be a great fit in RF.


When that Red Flag Flies...

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Good morning, Chicago.

I'm very excited to have a community place like this. A big---*hug* for Neil of fostering this creative digest.


The Phillies just won it all, and after that rain-delayed, thank-you Bud-Selig for-bashing-the-weatherman, game 5, who else, but Ken Rosenthal from FOX, knows how to entertain us. He asked the Perfect Man, Phillies closer Brad Lidge:

"You had struggled in your past postseason. How is this a redemption?"

Well, Ken was refering to 2005, when the then-Astros closer gave up that 3-runs monstrous blast to Prince Albert (Pujols), making Lidge the losing pitcher, and worse, a struggle from then on.

Lidge lost 3 games and blew a save since that Pujols homer, giving up 2 more losing runs in 3 innings against the Chicago White* Sox in the World Series that year. It makes his 42 out of 46 save opportunities, 13.12 K/9 (103 strikeouts in 70.2 innings) of that season looked like blown with the wind. Mind you, Li ...

The Cubs Win Lineup

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With focus, intensity and small ball factors too, it is BA, OBP and Slugging % that get the Cubs over the 101 year hump in 2009. Yes, we can do it! And here are the numbers in batting and (R) (L) order:

1, (R) BA .300 OBP .400 SLG .360 (3 HR 45 RBI)

2. (L) BA .300 OBP .417 SLG .510 (16 HR 80 RBI)

3.a. (R) BA .350 OBP .404 SLG .710 (16 HR 50 RBI) Faces LHP's

3.b. (L) BA .330 OBP .424 SLG .500 (22 HR 80 RBI) Faces RHP's

4. (R) BA .290 OBP .380 SLG .520 (32 HR 120 RBI)

5. (R) BA .285 OBP .365 SLG .504 (24 HR 95 RBI)

6. (R) BA .290 OBP .361 SLG .462 (22 HR 90 RBI)

7. (R) BA .285 OBP .375 SLG .480 (20 HR 88 RBI)

8. (L) BA .260 OBP .340 SLG .420 (15 HR 75 RBI)

If you agree, Faithful, that batting ord ...

It Still Hurts

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Three weeks later and I still wake up every morning like I got punched in the stomach. That is the physical pain that I feel since the Cubs were eliminated from the 2008 playoffs..This latest heartbreak ranks right up there with 1984 and 2003. Both of those years at least went down to the final game, the 2008 postseason ended after James Loney smoked a grand slam off of Ryan Demspter in the fifth inning of game one.

For the second consecutive year our addiction fell well short of the cure. I won't go off on a rant about the 2007 playoff failure because in my opinion, I thought that the Arizona Diamonbacks were the better team. They actually had the best record in the National League with a 90-72 record. I wasn't surprised one bit to see the Cubs go three and out, but the 2008 regular season juggernaut was a total shock.


A Blog for the Faithful

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Welcome to one of the newest features of ChicagoCubsOnline....the Community Blog. In this section, readers can write their own blog on whichever subject they wish to discuss....and the other readers can comment on your post with their thoughts, just like the main page of the CCO.

In other words....if there is a rumor you want to discuss, write a blog. If there is a prospect you would like to discuss, write a blog. If there is any subject not covered on the main page that you would like to discuss, write a blog.

The CCO will still post every news headline, transaction, trade, game preview and recaps on the main page but if you hear the news or rumor first, write a blog....and scoop the CCO.

However, as always, there are a few catches. One, you have to create an account and it will take up to 24 hours to have your account approved. All you need is a name (screen name i ...