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My First Cubs Game

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Joe from San Diego emailed several photos of his daughter, Abby, at her first Cubs game last Wednesday against the Padres. This is truly what baseball is about and I thought I would pass them along for all to enjoy. Here is a little snippet from Joe and several photos of his daughter ... who's sign ended up on the broadcast.

"Thought I'd share some pictures of the game tonight if you want to post any.... I took Abby to her first Cubs game...she loved it. We sat out in the "beach" in the outfield where the kids can play in the sand."

"Before the game she got a ball from Rookie Cubs pitcher Randy Wells!! He saw her standing at the fence during warm ups with her "first game signs" and without asking he got a ball and came to give it to her. He even signed it for her!"


The Cubs traded Jason Dubois to the New York Mets on Thursday for a player to be named later. Dubois could be with the Mets in the near future due to all of the injuries the Metropolitans have dealt with this season.