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As if there was any question, Harden came in on Pujols on purpose after Soriano was drilled in the head on Sunday.

The quote from Rich:

"(Something) has to be done. You want to go in on him anyway, to just challenge (Pujols). We were just going in there and if something happens, it happens."

As for Lou? "Well, I just think he was going to try to come inside and the ball got away from him. Twice."

Classic. Kudos.

LaRussa's Cardinals always seems to bean a Cubs at least four times a series. This response seemed appropriate.


First Round Divisional Playoff Game 3: Celtics (2) (1-1) at. Bulls (7) (1-1)
Game Time - 7:00 pm CT
Coverage - TV: TNT, Comcast SportsNet Chicago - Radio: ESPN 1000
Location - United Center, Chicago, Ill.

First of all, kudos to Neil for the Talkin' Live format --it's great.

More importantly, welcome to the show. The Baby Bulls have finally grown up right in front of our eyes.

The Bulls stole home-court advantage from the defending World Champions with a dramatic OT win on Saturday afternoon and played right down to the wire at the Boston Garden in Monday's loss.

Optimism has to be surging in the Windy City. And why shouldn't it be? The Bulls are 14-2 since John Paxon sent Drew Gooden and spare parts for John Salmons and Brad Miller. Meanwhile, Derrek Rose has finally blossomed on the sport's biggest stage while Joakim Noah has matured into a reliable defender down the stretch run.

So it all comes down to this:

Mark th ...

The great guys over at GROTA just posted a nickname discussion up in which they come up with great AKAs for our boys in blue.

Neil and I were discussing the same over in a game thread last Saturday and the two really gave me a thought.

What are the favorite nicknames all of ya'll have for the Cubbies? My list is as follows:

Ryan Theriot: The Riot (If it ain't broke)
Alfonso Soriano - The Fonz "Heeeeyyyyy!'
Milton Bradley - The Game
Kosuke Fukudome - The F-Bomb
Reed Johnson - Reed Johnson's Beard
Aaron Miles - Dirtbag (Kudos Neil!)

Ted Lilly - Bulldog
Kevin Gregg - Gogglehead

Any takers? What say you?