Jim C (Tinley Park, IL): September 2009 Archives

MIlton Bradley:
He will be gone, No way would he accepted back by the players or fans.

Kevin Gregg:
Just think about how close the wild card deficit would be if he would have blown only half the games he had a chance to save or win.

Alfonso Soriano:
A little to zero chance that he would be dealt but with his dwindling offense and limited defense this sissy is just painful to watch.

Aaron Miles:
Probably the worst hitter in baseball since Mario Mendoza.

Mike Fontenot::
Second base was his to loose and he BLEW IT!! A good player in 2007 and 2008 and he
hit .230 when we needed him this year.

Kouske Fukudome:
I 'll probably catch some grief for this one. Although he is a soid defender (Especially in RF) with good all around insticts, his hitting is way too inconsistent to be a force at the major league level. He needs to hit at the top of the line up to be some what productive at best. Not a middle o ...