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WBC Marmol Trax 2 (fin)

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The last time I talked about Carlos Marmol pitching all out for his country:

And after his relatively short trip in the Classic, I expected Marmol to pitch this weekend at Hohokam--and he is. This is a good time to go through his pitch sequence of his latest game. We can compare how he did in his first game Dominicana earlier, and observe if he progresses as we head closer towards opening day.

I'll wrap up and throw in 2 cents after the pitches.

Therefore, without further ado...


WBC game 16 DOM vs NED, 11th, bottom, Carlos Marmol replaces Marte (LHP, Tigers minor) to close with a 1-run lead.

Batter by batter:

*batter info. and 2008 performance may be briefly mentioned
**FB = fastball, SL = slider, followed by location of the pitch, then the result (count or play event)
***GO = groundball out, FO = flyball out

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It's been a very exciting baseball season so far. I know, I know, "pre-season."

The whole Classic thing sure converted me. I wasn't prepared. I would have been laid-back, catch one or two spring training games before the game-that-really-matters start April 6. But I watched the Asian series (Pool A at Tokyo), and the grit and passion pumped me up.

And I ended up writing this: -- which I should have followed with the final WBC Marmol Trax (2). Got caught up, and now, this one game deserves some attention. (I'll get back to Marmol Trax later tonight.)

The game that started 3:05 p.m. CST today was more of a "try your best stuff" kind of warm-up, for the fierce competition coming up, than just an exhibition game.

Let's go through some knows about the Cubs opponent first. We need to know whom are we dealing with. This is the 2009 national team of Japan ("Samurai Japan," they officially ...

New Season, more green. It's nothing about Obama's new economy policy here. I'm talking about the baseball season really kicking in.

I recently purchased a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball PLUS league, and I'm looking forward to more friends joining me. If you are familiar with fantasy sport, or is heavily researching this game, I welcome you here. If not, you have better things to do than rolling down this screen, thank you for reading so far.

Here's what this is, the Dorasaga League

- Two divisions: "Honor" and "Dignity"; we have a postseason for the four best teams out of the previous 22 weeks

- A prize for the winner; as the commissioner, I will personally give out memorabilia that I own to add prize(s) value

- Live Draft and Keeper (you can use up to 2 players from your last year's final fantasy roster, while losing your first or also the second round draft pick, if you decide to keep more than 2; please email me the player you want to keep from la ...

WBC Marmol Trax

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I thought since Neil and other veterans of CCO are tracking down Arizona games for the main body of our Cubbies, it would be interesting to have an eye on Carlos Marmol, who's now playing for honor and pride of his country, Team Dominican, in the second World Baseball Classic tournament.

According to the ESPN2 announcer, Marmol was not going to play for his country, with fear that he'll lose the closer job for the Cubs. But our Sweet Lou assured Carlos that Lou will not decide who's the closer while Marmol plays for the Dominican. So there Marmol went, to Puerto Rico.

The game started today, 10 a.m. Central Time at Hiram Bithorn Stadium in San Juan, Puerto Rico. The Dominicans (or DOM, to keep short) are playing against Team Netherland (I'll refer them as Dutch from now on).

The situation was tight. The DOM trails 2-3 to the Dutch. Then start the top of the 9th, Marmol stepped on the mound.

You can find the boxscore here: ...