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Chris Jaffe of the Hardball Times sent the CCO an article on the 15 worst endings ever to regular-season games.

Merkle's Boner is #2 and Jaffe pointed out the infamous game happened 90 years prior to the day of the Brant Brown game.

Click here for the entire article from Hardball Times


The CCO's Community Blog is Back!

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After almost a four-month hiatus, the CCO's Community Blog is back ... and ready for posts. Due to the changes on the main page, the community blog had to be taken down.

The commenting system on the community blog is the same as on the front-page, Disquis, so you can post comments the same way. But in order to create your own blog post, you must sign into MT and create an account ... if you do not have one from before Disquis was added to the main page..

Please click here to create your account on the CCO to post your thoughts on the Cubs. All previous accounts have been restored with the same passwords and user names.