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The end of yet another dismal season on the north side has brought about a number of questions for this franchise. Since 2003, Cub fans have seen management continue to patch and paste while chasing an elusive championship. With new ownership, the time may be right to move in another direction.
Sound familiar?

In 1981, the Cubs ended 60 years of ownership by the Wrigley family when they were purchased by the Tribune Company. Among the company's holdings included the Chicago Tribune newspaper, WGN television (the Cubs television outlet), and WGN radio (their radio outlet). The Tribune Company wasted no time in hiring Philadelphia Phillies Manager and former front office executive Dallas Green as their new General Manager. Together, they announced that they were "Building a New Tradition" for the Cubs.

But before looking at how Green changed the culture of the Cubs, let's take a brief look back at some of their former General Managers.



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As bad as the Cubs defense looked last year why would they want more defensive woes with Dunn in our line up? If I recall correctly we have a player that was suppose to be able to hit 40 home runs a year when we signed Soriano. I don't think we need another bad defensive outfielder just because hit "may or may not" hit home runs. I'll give you the fact that Soriano did improve his defense last year but he still made some pretty lame attempts at catching a few fly balls hit to left. If we do acquire Adam Dunn I believe he should be made a first baseman. There are plenty of examples of outfielders making the transition from outfield to first, Pulhos comes to mind. By the end of the year the Cubs defense did show improvement. Young Castro didn't make as many errors as he did when first arriving and the defense was in fact better under Mike Quadi than under Pinalla. Weather Lou just didn't care anymore or was truly puzzled by the effort being shown by the players and was unable to co ...