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During the Cubs Convention news surfaced that Tyler Colvin was a victim of identity theft. According to a report emailed to the CCO from the Salt Lake Tribune, Matthew T. Van Meter, 24, was charged in Utah state court with felony counts of theft and forgery.

Van Meter used the name and documents identifying him as Tyler Colvin.

Link to full report from the Salt Lake Tribune


Hey, hey, Cubs fans!!! I have some interesting stuff that I've collected over the years. The recent financial BS has forced me to part with some of my treasures. I have a WGN promo mask of Harry Carrey that was autographed by the legend himself, A 1937 Cubs autograph book in beautiful condition, and an autographed ball, AND an autographed card of Billy Williams, all in one display. If you might be interested in owning some of these treasures, drop me a line at [email protected] I will send photos of the items to you, and then we can negotiate prices.
Everybody have a great day, and GO CUBS!!!


The CCO ran an unscientific poll on the front page for the final three weeks of 2009. The question was 'Which player was the best on the North Side from 2000 to 2009?'

After 968 votes, the clear winner was Aramis Ramirez.