I miss our old president John McDonough

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Hello Chicago and I hope this Memorial day is a special one where ever you are.
I woke again this Monday morning to read the horrific headlines once again in the baseball world here in Chicago. The Cubs are defintley having some performance issues. Each and every fan can be their own critic in deciding whom what and how this team will find themselves going forward. With 120 games still to play whom can we go to and vent and hear our cry's with how this team is showing up to play most recently. John McDonough has a way of correcting and putting together the rite management along with various tools in making a true nuculeus.

Why the cubs let go of a President whom clearly had a role in the cubs success from the top down doesn't surprise me. With all the ownership issues within the tribune and budgets to create, Johns extended welcome with the cubs wasn't a shoe in. With that bring John here said the Black Hawks and then they gobbled the man up quickly. Cub fans this man isn't mentioned in the media or anywhere of someone whom completed the connection in the seasons he mentored the cubs while president. Now the 'open sore' on the North siders big toe will ooze until the rite medication is used to heal the wound.

Their are many reasons for the Chicago cubs early collapse and if this turns into a disaster for the remaining season I do hope once the Rickett's family does have full control I would imagine that Tom Rickett's being a fan will realize his early investment needs attention. I ask Mr. Rickett's how long do you put up with management here? We all know whom is responsible and his last name is Hendry but also includes the name Pinella. The window for the Cubs is short and narrow and with the Reds only improving and the Cardinals and Brewers showing character, one would have to hope that Mr. Ricketts will take immediate action in those accountable for this failure on the North side. Whom knows the search for a New GM and coach may be necessary if the highly paid professionals don't get it done and us fans go way with the same message for 09 hope for next year.

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