How long will the Cubs stay in the Race ?

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After a tough loss in Thursday nights event with the crown leading L.A. Dodgers you find yourself looking at how much further the Cubs lost ground to the 3 teams sitting ahead of them. After game #1 it was shown to many that the Cubs can play with the Dodgers but again the inconsistent offense showed it's ugly head once again. Chicago and their Veterans must take charge of this club house and decide whether this season with this team is the real thing now and motivate the clubhouse. Jake Fox was brought up too put a charge into the lineup so we shall see.

With almost two months of baseball the cubs have had a number of injuries along with slumping play by the acquisitions this past off-season. I'm one whom is concerned thus far with this club and as Jim Hendry has tried to make this team a better overall team although somethings were overlooked or not attended too like the bullpen. Fortunately the Cubs have had the answers to this problem as the season blooms on but this has caused some issues early on and will continue if certain relievers aren't sent out of town.. This next road trip following the these last three games with the Dodgers with in my estimation will give management and the fans an idea of where this team is.

With the All-star break not so far off in July we may see Jim Hendry use what he can to move certain personel to again improve areas of this club to give them the best chance of making a run into post season. As trying as it's been for the fans in watching a team predicted by most critics to return to the playoffs, you may have to be patient and hope for the engine on this club to go without having to add super unleaded anytime soon.

The season continues Friday 1:20

Phil Gialluisi
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