Cubs Management are you listening !!

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As a Cub Fanatic and someone whom is passionate about this ball club, really people what is it going take to make those changes to help put the Chicago Cubs on the winning track. Once again we seen specific pieces of our middle relief do the cubs in once they took the mound. Aaron Heilaman and Neil Cotts with their very first batters give up an RBI and show time after time how they don't belong on this staff. I want to say to Jim Hendry and Lou Pinella ENOUGH ! If we don't have changes within this bullpen as specified I assure you this season of hope will turn into hope for next season. WE as fans make no money and depend on those professionals to provide us the fans the best talent to bring this town a championship.

Jim Hendry the pressure is on you to provide Lou Pinella and the coaches those players whom can get the job done in this bullpen. Regardless of how the cubs rebound with their bats it will be imperative for the short part of this pen to just get the job done.

As a critic I question Jim Hendry for the multiple professionals brought here to the cubs to improve the Cubs Pen vs's. last season. Arron Heilaman, Neil Cotts need to be traded with Kevin Gregg for another real closer or setup man. I want to assure the Cubs Fans that this is a must or there is no post season. There are solutions in making this lack of a performance pen a very good Pen in the near future. i have some suggestions in which i encourage you too think about.

Jim Hendry think of the following proposal:

Bring up Jeff Stevens- 6 & 7th
Asceanio- 6& 7th
Randy Wells- 6 & 7th- spot start- come in out of pen 6th & 7th
Shawn Marshall- start -come out of pen
Angel Guzman-Setup 8th inning
Newly acquired- setup/closer -for Heilaman , Cotts, & Kevin Gregg
Carlos Marmoul- closer

Jim, I sure hope you bring Jake Peavy to the North side where as things are now fans are concerned with the clubs whole makeup after 1/4 of the season done. Jake would add stability to this pitching staff and allow the Cubs offense the chance to be in every game played. There is no doubt he has given the Cubs every opportunity to make a deal as his no trade clause can push the Padres in talking and moving Peavy to the North side as they know his wish list of where he wants to play. Even though starting pitching has been solid we have seen how Harden & Zambrano were sent to the DL. I'm not sure how much more Larry Rothschild can help pitchers in the pen whom have a pitching history of failing and i think you know whom I'm talking of. With only having Shawn Marshall pitching from the left side with assurance he has shown that he can be used in specific situations or games where his skills can prove positive.

I just urge the Chicago Cubs to make the corrections as there still in the running of this division even though things look bleak.

With regards to the offensive, Slumps happen to team during a season. For the cubs the endorphins they once had when Aramis went down have quietly dissapated. Many of the players will come around at some poiint , but one only knows when. We have been hearing many times this week of bringing up Jake Fox to stimulate this offense. As Jake is a Bonified major league hitter the cubs could really help themselves by utilizing Jakes bat. His #'s speak for themselves.. With the bats continuing this way for the cubs and if nothing is done about it , it may be to late to hope for Armamis to come back and help this limping offense get into the post season.

My sense is that this club will rebound but the club needs to use there resources instead of using reasons of holding players back whom can be game changers. I urge Jim Hendry and Lou Pinella and more Lou since he like s the big bat to call up Jake and give him his chance at third base. I would put my job on this move with cubs management, So what do you have to lose Hendry. Randy Wells finally got his chance and so did Bobby scales whom thus far belong on this roster. ARE YOU WAITING FOR ANOTHER INJURY OR A FULL COLLAPSE BEFORE DOING SOMETHING?

Finally , I follow this club 365 days a year and really want whats best for the club. i would just hope this club would listen to an objective fan and critic of this game.

Thank you !

Phil G-