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Simply these Cub have shown some signs of life these last few games. The Cubs aren't anywhere close of playing in the same success as home as they do away from Wrigley Field. For teams to be a championship team it's most certain that those major league teams whom can't perform on the road simply don't win a World Series.

For the Cubs with this series they're in against the LA Dodgers whom not only lead the Western division in the NL, this club swept the Cubbies in 3 straight this last October.
We have seen a few roster changes with Jake Fox coming up along with the recall of Bobby Scales whom both mind you have contributed this series. Our third base weakness with the bat can be corrected with Jake Fox whom has been working with the third base coach of the Cubs in taking some ground balls. The questions still remains can Jake Fox still play reasonable defense ? With that said if Jake can play the field and produce as he did and continue pounding the ball Things will c ...

According to Crain's Chicago Business, the Rickett family is close to finishing off the deal for the Cubs than recent reports suggest.

A lot of people thought that there was a disagreement with the broadcast contract with WGN's network station. Also that left the two sides apart 50 million of the 900 million.

Sources says both sides made big strides for competing the deal. The Rickett family has has a lot of talks with the Tribune since early January.

The financing looks to be in place with J. P. Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Corp. and Bank of America Corp, the are loaning 350 million to the Tom Ricketts. Crain has learned that draft commitment letters are expected to be signed by next week. The balance of the funding will come from a $100-million private placement of notes and $403 million in cash the family generated when it sold stock of TD Ameritrade in February.

I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.


I came across a decent article about the Cardinals going after this young 16 yr old Domincan OF named Wagner Mateo:

Please take the time to look at the YouTube video of the guy....He looks like a stud prospect.

Anyhow, with news that they were going after a big time guy, and were supposedly in the running for the highly touted Miguel Sano, I began wondering if we were neglecting our Latin scouting in favor of the Far East, where we've signed the Korean shortstop Hak Ju-Lee, or Rhee, or Chen, and the Fukudome signing....We churned out such nice ones before pitching-wise with Zambrano, Guzman, Cruz, Marmol, etc., I began wondering what the heck we're doing over there, not signing big time prospects.

Sure, we signed Felix Pie, but it was rumored that he was so raw that the scout had to teach him everything about baseball, and had him r ...

After a tough loss in Thursday nights event with the crown leading L.A. Dodgers you find yourself looking at how much further the Cubs lost ground to the 3 teams sitting ahead of them. After game #1 it was shown to many that the Cubs can play with the Dodgers but again the inconsistent offense showed it's ugly head once again. Chicago and their Veterans must take charge of this club house and decide whether this season with this team is the real thing now and motivate the clubhouse. Jake Fox was brought up too put a charge into the lineup so we shall see.

With almost two months of baseball the cubs have had a number of injuries along with slumping play by the acquisitions this past off-season. I'm one whom is concerned thus far with this club and as Jim Hendry has tried to make this team a better overall team although somethings were overlooked or not attended too like the bullpen. Fortunately the Cubs have had the answers to this problem as the season blooms on but this h ...

Most Fans are either excited, tired or just are really wondering what will Jake Peavy do this season or beyond that.

Listening To Jon talk about the whole White Sox fiasco and them trying to land Peavy , it came to the surface once again that Mr. Peavy obviously wants the NL and the Cubs. Jake uses the same agent as Mark grace and Rick S. did. With that being said Jake has complete control on where he would like to play period. Many cub fans would hope know that Jake has a sweet spot for the North Side.

Cub Fans hold on as Hendry quoted to Mr Heyman that he is more worried about they're hitting vs. pitching. Jim, where did this come from as this rotation is something to be concerned about with Harden going down this early in the season. Zambrano has his issues even though many keep this quite. Zambrano was out with a Hamstring issue however the Cubs in my opinion are trying to protect the Aces arm and did this with his being on the DL for 3 weeks. Zambrano is now in ...

Cubs Vs. Dodgers

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I know the last thing Neil wants is for people to be hocking tickets on here, but I am claiming a special case. I am flying into town from Philly tomorrow to see two games against LA and my parents were supposed to accompany us. It would have been their first trip to Chicago (we live in NJ) and my fiance and I were going to show them around town. My dad is now unable to travel due to a sudden medical issue (he is getting stents placed in two arteries today) but he should be fine. I now have two tickets for tomorrow's game and two for Friday's game to get rid of. If anyone is interested in purchasing them at face value, please let me know. Also, since I'm an out-of-towner, are there laws against me trying to sell them outside of Wrigley? I know I've seen it done there but I don't want to take a chance.

Thank you.


Auto Refresh CCO Page

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Hey everyone! I just wanted to point out a little app that will auto-refresh the CCO web page. I remember reading one of the blogs and someone asked Neil if he could get the page to auto-refresh. And whatever reason, it's not possible. I found this little utility called Auto Refresh 1.0 and it does just that. In a nut shell, it opens up a "mini-browser" that will refresh the web page as often as you like. You simply pop in the URL to the CCO site and set the refresh rate. ONE caveat is that it refreshes no matter what. I found this out halfway through a post and the screen refreshed on me. So, I would advise someone like Aaron - who's posts a lengthy but informative - to see the refresh rate real high, or disable it while posting. But it's particularly useful during games when new posts pop up, as it seems, every couple of seconds.

This is a FREE app, BTW..

Here's the link...


According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Cubs might be interested in 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff. The Sun-Times also says the Cubs might just be willing to use Miles, Scales or Fontenot at third until Ramirez comes back from injury.

According to Hot Stove Cubbies, the Cubs are also interested in infielders Jorge Cantu and Dan Uggla. These 2 players will cost more than Kevin but are way better. If I had to chose from out of these 3 players, I will chose Cantu because he can hit better and is younger than Kevin and Uggla. Cantu can also play third, first and second and probably can play short if needed.

Stats for those 3 players, so far this year:

Kevin Kouzmanoff in 28 years old and has a 236 batting average with 4 home runs, 16 rbis, 7 walks and struck out 37 times.

Jorge Cantu is 27 years old and has a 276 batting average with 8 home runs, 35 rbis, 11 walks and 23 strikeouts.

Dan Uggla is 29 years old and has a 205 batting average with 8 home runs, 30 ...

Hello Chicago and I hope this Memorial day is a special one where ever you are.
I woke again this Monday morning to read the horrific headlines once again in the baseball world here in Chicago. The Cubs are defintley having some performance issues. Each and every fan can be their own critic in deciding whom what and how this team will find themselves going forward. With 120 games still to play whom can we go to and vent and hear our cry's with how this team is showing up to play most recently. John McDonough has a way of correcting and putting together the rite management along with various tools in making a true nuculeus.

Why the cubs let go of a President whom clearly had a role in the cubs success from the top down doesn't surprise me. With all the ownership issues within the tribune and budgets to create, Johns extended welcome with the cubs wasn't a shoe in. With that bring John here said the Black Hawks and then they gobbled the man up quickly. Cub fans this man ...


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No, this has nothing to do with beer, but the same embarrassment of too much Bud light at work has become synonymous with Cubs batters.

Hittability. Read it "Hit-ability." I came up with this term five days ago, when our team was on a two-game losing streak. Well, now we are on 6.

Good pitching, sure we got it. Solid defense? Enough to support the guys on the mound. Running the bases? A few errors, but I can live with it if only... They hit.

The magic 6. It's a week of games. That's 4% of a big league season (1 out of 25 weeks). Can Cubbies really not see the ball and put it in play?

I'm not saying Derrek Lee is not hitting. I'm not saying Fukudome is not hitting. Hell, I'm not even saying Rich Harden is not jumping on the ball (he can hit and run, by the way). Hittability is a collective effort. It's a team performance. It's the fundamental 101 of surviving for a professional baseball team, as the Cubs are.

What is going on recently with Cubb ...

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