Somehow Completely Different: An Invitation to Dorasaga's Fantasy PLUS

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New Season, more green. It's nothing about Obama's new economy policy here. I'm talking about the baseball season really kicking in.

I recently purchased a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball PLUS league, and I'm looking forward to more friends joining me. If you are familiar with fantasy sport, or is heavily researching this game, I welcome you here. If not, you have better things to do than rolling down this screen, thank you for reading so far.

Here's what this is, the Dorasaga League

- Two divisions: "Honor" and "Dignity"; we have a postseason for the four best teams out of the previous 22 weeks

- A prize for the winner; as the commissioner, I will personally give out memorabilia that I own to add prize(s) value

- Live Draft and Keeper (you can use up to 2 players from your last year's final fantasy roster, while losing your first or also the second round draft pick, if you decide to keep more than 2; please email me the player you want to keep from last year; I shall continue the league next year, and you will be able to move players for next year as well)

- Head to Head play--it's more exciting to have a rivalry--compete with an opponent every week; wins or losses are calculated after how your team performed and generated Fantasy Points*

- Instant game-track (to read your player score and Fantasy Point* value anytime, any game, updated every second), constantly new scouting reports, and more: you can find all at Yahoo Help:

- *Fantasy Point:

I studied how baseball researchers evaluate players and devised a point system for Dorasaga League ("Doli" in short). Since a fantasy team will comprise of players from more than one real MLB team, I will adapt stats that reflect individual contribution, instead of stats that contain more "noise" from their teammates' help.

I'm confident with the general accuracy and service that Yahoo Fantasy Baseball PLUS provides, and the accuracy of their point calculation.

Depending on the stat category, Doli attributes a range of higher point and lower point, some positive and some negative, to each category. If you still have questions about it after you joined Doli, please ask.

- Other Doli features...

- You need a Yahoo account

- In order to accommodate World Baseball Classic, the 2009 regular season will start later, Apr 6, but Yahoo limits us with the latest draft time on Mar. 31 morning. To fit this deadline, Doli will draft on Satrday, Mar. 28, 9:00pm CST. We may change the draft time if the majority agrees.

- Four moves per week, 36 per season; trade is encouraged

- Efficiency: Trade will go through one day later

- A smaller and better manageable team roster: 17 total, one for each position player, 3 starting pitchers and 4 relief, 2 bench

Below is the access to Doli.


ID: 1677
password: welovebaseball


Before you join, you should be ready to apply these general rules:

1. You agree to abide by good sportsmanship while playing Dorasaga League.

2. You agree to not use any derogative or ad-hominem language in Dorasaga League.

3. You will take the commissioner's decision as final and will respect the decision.

4. You agree to pay the league fee of six US Dollars by either wire-transfer or money-order.

5. You will promptly respond to league actions and to requests from other participating managers.

6. You are devoted to play Dorasaga League in full and complete the season.


I hope to see some of you, so... Let's play some