Ideas for a Peavy trade?

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Now that it seems Tom Ricketts is poised to become the Cubs new owner, barring any problems with the pending negotiations, many believe that Jake Peavy will be a Cub by opening day. Once Ricketts gives Hendry the okay to go ahead with the trade, he will still have to put together a package that the Padres will agree upon. So, it is time for us Cubs fans to guess on what it will be. Post your ideas here. I think that Hendry should offer the following five guys for Jake Peavy: 1. Garret Olson (we got him, we know they want him) 2. Ronny Cedeno (they could use a nice young shortstop, they lost Khalil greene) 3. Kevin Hart (they want young pitching and he has been brought up a lot) 4. Rich Hill (this one may not work but the Padres gotta believe he is a low risk, high reward guy) 5. Any one of the following could be the fifth guy from my perspective (Angel Guzman, Luis Vizcaino, Michael Weurtz, Randy Wells, or Mitch Atkins)