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We are hours away from the announcement of this years inductees for the Hall Of Fame. Obviously Rickey Henderson is a no-brainer. Best lead-off hitter of all time! Hey, aren't the Cubs in the market for a lead off hitter?? You wouldn't mind waiting another 5 years for election, would ya Rickey? My guess is it will also be a special day for one Lee Arthur Smith. Now that a few closers have been recognized in recent years, how can you not put the pitcher who until Trevor Hoffman passed him, was the all time saves leader? I think he gets the call. It could also be the shot for Bert Be Home Blyleven. I think he definitely is deserving. Almost 300 wins (287), 3700 strikeouts, 242 complete games, and more suprising to me a career ERA of 3.31. Many critics point to his 250 losses. But, cmon his ERA shows he wasn't getting bombed. The losses were a result of the number of years spent playing for crappy Twins and Indians teams. He definitely should be in. There is debate as to whether Jim Rice gets over the hump and makes it in on his last year of eligibility. I'm torn on Rice. On one hand I think he deserves to go, but on the other I just don't think he was that special. I do think Andre Dawson should be voted in, because I think the Hawk possessed more tools than Rice. Not only could Dawson hit for power, before Montreal tore his knees to hell he had great speed. I just think he displayed more than Rice did over a longer period. I liked watching Tim Raines play as I grew up and some say he was the Rickey Henderson of the NL. While he was very good and very similar, I don't think in the end he was quite as good as Rickey. Dale Murphy had a good career, but I just don't think it was Hall worthy. One interesting player in the final year of eligibility is Tommy John. He has never gained much in the way of votes, and is unlikely to stage a miracle this year. But, the guy was just 12 wins short of the "magical" 300 mark (288), pitched 22 years and had a very unique and major surgery (at the time) which is now referred to as Tommy John Surgery. He not only had this major surgery, but won 164 games after it. Also, compare him to another lefty that many would argue is going to be a Hall of Famer, Randy Johnson. In 21 seasons Johnson has 295 wins. Likely to pass 300 but not by much. Johnson has 100 complete games compared to Johns 162. John ha6 46 shutouts compared to Johnson 37. I think Tommy is a definite Hall of Famer.