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Well, not much Cubs-related news that you don't already know about. However, I did hear that the hang-up is that Towers seems to be demanding too much for a player that he's already backed into a corner with, and I've heard not to believe the hype about Towers saying he would go into the season with Peavy in the rotation---it's absolutely ludicrous, because they've already damaged the relationship and he's mentally moved on from them.

As for around the league...
I was on a bus with the whole Pirates player development staff with a colleague of mine. He used to work for the Pirates, so that's how we got in with them. Anyway, it was hilarious to say the least. The guys were really cool, and I can see the Pirates making a statement similar to the Rays here in a couple of years despite what many think.

Anyway...they were openly talking about trades and prospects, and teams they're dealing with, and that's when it got comical. One of them turns to the player development director, and was like: "did you get the message on your 'crackberry'(blackberry in case you didn't figure that out)? oh, nevermind, you're too old to figure it out....see, you push the button to accept, and so on (the whole bus erupted in laughter b/c here was this 20-something guy talking to a 60-something scout...." anyway...it continues:

Scout: "so what's the jist?"
Player development guy: "well, the Tigers have our 5 names, and they're reluctant"
Scout: "about who?"
PDG: "I don't know...(he said a name, but I can't remember)...do you think he'll ever hit? Probably not...he has the mental capacity of a turd...we scouted him in high school, and he shat himself...it would've been funny if that was literal."
Scout: "tell the Tigers to go F$%k themselves....we want our list, and if they say no, then tell them we've got other options and a better bid...they won't know"
PDG: "I agree"

*obviously, they were talking about Jacks Wilson, though with the Tigers signing Everett, I don't really see it happening now, as their leverage dropped now. It was just funny to hear them talking about guys....there's other stuff too they said that would be more appropriate for an X-Rated site...LOL

Well, that's all, and my 30 minutes is up already.

I will talk to you all tomorrow