Contracts and Payroll in the Future

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After next year---
•Mark DeRosa $5.5 million
•Rich Harden $7 million
•Reed Johnson $3 million
•Jason Marquis $ 9.875 million
•Other minor contracts

After the 2010 season---
•Ted Lilly $10 million
•Derrek Lee $13 million
•Lou Piniella $3 million
•Other smaller contracts

Then after the 2011 season---
•Kosuke Fukudome $13.5 million
•Aramis Ramirez $14.6 million (player option for '11, club option for '12)
•Jeff Samardzija's $2 million (club options for '11 and '12).

After '09---over $25 million
After '10---over $26 million
After '11---over $30 million

An interesting thought...DLee's contract ends after 2010...Albert Pujols could potentially end then as well, depending on team/player option. Could the CUBS potentially swing a deal with the rival??? More fun to come, it seems.

Oh...and a little tidbit---I predict that Ryne Sandberg will be the replacement for Lou Piniella when he retires after the 2010 season...after game seven of the World Series.