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First and foremost.

Merry Christmas to everyone. It's been a great holiday season for me and my only wish is that you've had one too.

Thanks Neil for having the ABSOLUTE BEST Cubs blog around.

Neil > Al Yellon and most of you know it! ^^

Thanks to all of you. 2008 was fun even though we just came up a bit short. Here's to a 2009 that gives us what all of us want.

Please share some of your Christmas new years stories here. Thanks!


After next year---
•Mark DeRosa $5.5 million
•Rich Harden $7 million
•Reed Johnson $3 million
•Jason Marquis $ 9.875 million
•Other minor contracts

After the 2010 season---
•Ted Lilly $10 million
•Derrek Lee $13 million
•Lou Piniella $3 million
•Other smaller contracts

Then after the 2011 season---
•Kosuke Fukudome $13.5 million
•Aramis Ramirez $14.6 million (player option for '11, club option for '12)
•Jeff Samardzija's $2 million (club options for '11 and '12).

After '09---over $25 million
After '10---over $26 million
After '11---over $30 million

An interesting thought...DLee's contract ends after 2010...Albert Pujols could potentially end then as well, depending on team/player option. Could the CUBS potentially swing a deal with the rival??? More fun to come, it seems.

Oh...and a little tidbit---I predict that Ryne Sandberg will be the replacement ...

Newsflash on
12/23 "Hal says no contract offer on Manny/Texeira"
12/21 "Angels pull contract offer for Texeira off the Table"
Last Week: "Red Sox no longer in running for Texeira"

When in the free agency period have you seen the "have" teams in the middle of a pursuit of a premier free agent make public announcements about pulling out?

I don't recall ever seeing this.

I am going to date myself here...The first Cubs game I went to with a friend and paid for...
I paid $1.50 for a grandstand seat...bleacher seats could be had for the same price...
circa 1970. From the mid- 70's to @ 2001...I averaged 18 Cubs games and 6 Sox games
per year when I lived in Chicagoland. (There were years when I lived in Boston and Kansas City) but the fact is I've always been an avid baseball fan. Now I average 1-5
games per year...and it is because of the expense.

While MLB Owners, Players Union...and plain old greed come ...

We've talked about the beneficiary of Peavy's contract and his no-trade clause since, umm, whenever GM Tower overcooked the rumor mill...

But I've been wondering, if somebody can help me out here... Doesn't our Caray-impersonator of Ryan Dempster have some kind of no-trade clause as well?

It's something called "veteran's consent," I believe. From what I understand is that after a major league player signed as a FREE AGENT, and reached his FIFTH year of professional service, in the SAME TEAM, he'll be qualified as a "veteran" and has a full say on being traded or not.

Therefore, after signed with our Cubs since 2006, and again signed for another 4-year, Dempster will be with the Cubs for more than 5 years after the season of 2010.

That being said, will his veteran's no-trade clause kick in after 2010? or since he signed for that period of 5yr service with the Cubs, the club cannot move him since day 1 from now on?

(I'm actu ...

Hey guys, I was looking in my notes, and totally overlooked a conversation I had with a guy from TCU...

So, I was in the hotel's "game room" where everyone places bets on sporting events, and I'm sitting in a lounger by my buddy, when some other guy sits right next to us. We introduce ourselves, blah, blah, blah...

Come to find out, this was one of TCU's baseball announcers sitting next to us. He was there looking for a job in professional baseball broadcasting. When I learned that he was with TCU, I immediately identified myself as a Cubs fan, and we started talking about Cashner.

Here's a summary of that conversation:

-he was actually drafted higher (20th round) by the Braves out of high school than he was in college the first time (29th round) by the Cubs in 2007

-he first attended some junior college (I don't have the notes on where he attended though)

-in between 2007 and 2008, he was recruited by TCU to transfer early on. Then, a ...

If I were Hendry, I'd have Huntington on speed dial right now. I would be offering: Marshall, Cedeno (as they're trying to trade Wilson), Pie (to give them until McCutcheon is ready), Atkins, and maybe even Hoffpauir (though, he's valuable as a replacement for Lee and pinch hitter)

The Pirates did a similar thing with ARAM I believe, and subsequently traded him to the Cubs, though he was under team control. I think they realize that McLouth's value may never be higher than it is now, and given the fact that extension talks are all but dead, it might be worth a call, wouldn't it? I know many on here would love it. Wasn't it JimK who was always wanting McLouth?

Too bad we didn't hang onto Veal, because, obviously the Pirates wanted him. Right now, I think those are the biggest assets we have to trade that would interest a team like the Pirates. Maybe guys like Tony Thomas, Colvin, etc. might i ...

I am going for the first time in 2009. My main goal is autograph hunting and was hoping there is a Cubs Covention vet out there that is willing to share some tips and tricks. I understand the formal lines and auto sessions are mind numbingly long but have heard there are different options like the lobby, bar, and other times and places that are better for getting a few moments with a player to get a signature.

Anyone out there want to help a first timer out with some tips. I would be grateful.


Response to Who, What, When

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Aaron made my mind think when he mentioned Alex Rios and Vernon Wells of the Bluejays, so I went to Cot's Baseball Contracts and got this info. I didn't realize how massive their contracts were
---Alex Rios

7 years/$69.835M (2008-14), plus 2015 club option

signed extension with Toronto 4/4/08, re-working 2008 deal signed 2/5/08 ($3.5M signing bonus remains, 2008 salary reduced from $1.335M to $0.735M)

08:$0.735M, 09:$5.9M, 10:$9.7M, 11:$12M, 12:$12M, 13:$12.5M, 14:$12.5M, 15:$13.5M club option ($1M buyout)

full no-trade clause, 2009-10
limited no-trade clause, 2011 - end of deal (may block trades to 6 clubs)
1 year/$4.835M (2008)
re-signed 2/5/08 (avoided arbitration, $5.65M-$4.535M)
$3.5M signing bonus, 08:$1.335M
award bonus: $15,000 for All Star team

---Vernon Wells

7 year ...


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WHO: Did Jim Hendry talk to last week other than Kevin Towers?

WHAT: Players were discussed.

WHEN: Will any moves happen?



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News Flash...Milwaukee to get Yankees first round pick & a sandwich pick for C.C. Sabathia.

News Flash...Toronto to get Yankees first round pick & a sandwich pick for A.J. Burnett.

News Flash...Yankees interested in Texeira...L.A. to get their 1rst round pick and a sandwich pick?

OK guys...the Yankees only get one first round pick...(assuming it wasn't traded away).
Who gets it?
If we are lucky...they won't ever be allowed a first round pick again!!!

I know how this works when a team signs just one TypeA free agent...but what happens
when they sign multiple free agents? Damn the Yankees.

Thanks guys....SuzyS

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