Bullpen, Bullpen, Bullpen?

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As I sit here on my computer and look at the Chicago Cubs bullpen without Kerry Wood, I cannot help but worry. This upcoming year we might have to rely on more youth than we can possibly handle.

---Cub Relievers---
Jose Ascanio
Neal Cotts
Carlos Marmol
Chad Gaudin
Michael Wuertz
Jeff Samardzija
Angel Guzman
Kevin Hart
Kevin Gregg

Feel free to rip my opinion apart, but that is A LOT of uncertainty to take us to the postseason and beyond. By taking just Kid-K away, our entire relieving staff goes into jeopardy. Let's look at our Set-up man-Closer duo's.

---2008 Pitching Stats---
Carlos Marmol 2-4 2.68 ERA 7 Saves 114 KO 30 Holds
Kerry Wood 5-4 3.26 ERA 34 Saves 84 KO

Kevin Gregg 7-8 3.41 ERA 29 Saves 58 KO 4 Holds
Carlos Marmol 2-4 2.68 ERA 7 Saves 114 KO

Stats are stats...they don't always show the difference. When you remove Kerry Wood from this team and push Carlos Marmol into the closer's role, you end up losing the best set-up man in the league. Marmol should be a good closer, but not great. At least not in the next season. All in all, the highlights of a team are your starting pitchers and your offense. But how about those guys who come in to close the game out? As much as I would love to have Jake Peavy, I don't think he should be the centerpiece of our offseason, as there is a lot more holes in this team than we can pull out in one moment. RF? SS? CP? SP?