The Cubs Win Lineup

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With focus, intensity and small ball factors too, it is BA, OBP and Slugging % that get the Cubs over the 101 year hump in 2009. Yes, we can do it! And here are the numbers in batting and (R) (L) order:

1, (R) BA .300 OBP .400 SLG .360 (3 HR 45 RBI)

2. (L) BA .300 OBP .417 SLG .510 (16 HR 80 RBI)

3.a. (R) BA .350 OBP .404 SLG .710 (16 HR 50 RBI) Faces LHP's

3.b. (L) BA .330 OBP .424 SLG .500 (22 HR 80 RBI) Faces RHP's

4. (R) BA .290 OBP .380 SLG .520 (32 HR 120 RBI)

5. (R) BA .285 OBP .365 SLG .504 (24 HR 95 RBI)

6. (R) BA .290 OBP .361 SLG .462 (22 HR 90 RBI)

7. (R) BA .285 OBP .375 SLG .480 (20 HR 88 RBI)

8. (L) BA .260 OBP .340 SLG .420 (15 HR 75 RBI)

If you agree, Faithful, that batting order and production above get the job done, buy your world series tickets now. The players who project as I have them projected are with us now--except for # 8 in the order. That would be my man, Seth Smith, who can likely be obtained for Hart , Atkins and and Clevenger (C). He would play CF, and his projections are 80% of what he produced at AAA. He has had success with the Rockies too in a limited role.

The rest of the players are on our roster, and my projections are no more than they have done already--with 7 of them doing so with the Cubs. Batting #1 and #2, Riot and Fontenot. (Both hit .300 + against righties and lefties.) Batting 3.a. from the right side is Soriano--MLB's highest paid platoon player. (He only hits .252 with a .319 OBP and a .460 SLG against righties.)

Batting 3.b. from the left side and platooning in left, Hoffpauir. He doesn't have the speed and arm of Sori, but he likely has more intensity and focus and an average arm. He has shown the ability to hit .330 against right handed pitchers. Both he and Sori would get some AB's against lefty/righty pitchers too and some pinch hitting opportunities. Sori would total about 180 AB's.

Batting fourth, ARam. Batting fifth, Geovani Soto. Batting sixth, DLee. Batting seventh and playing RF, DeRo. Their projections are very similar to what they achieved in 2008. And batting eighth, Seth Smith. Maybe Reed Johnson spells him in CF on occasion.

I am calling this, "Making do very well with what we have through better management." As the lady of the night says, "It's a business doing pleasure with you."