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Welcome to one of the newest features of ChicagoCubsOnline....the Community Blog. In this section, readers can write their own blog on whichever subject they wish to discuss....and the other readers can comment on your post with their thoughts, just like the main page of the CCO.

In other words....if there is a rumor you want to discuss, write a blog. If there is a prospect you would like to discuss, write a blog. If there is any subject not covered on the main page that you would like to discuss, write a blog.

The CCO will still post every news headline, transaction, trade, game preview and recaps on the main page but if you hear the news or rumor first, write a blog....and scoop the CCO.

However, as always, there are a few catches. One, you have to create an account and it will take up to 24 hours to have your account approved. All you need is a name (screen name if you would like) and a valid email address. Second, the CCO reserves the right to delete any community blog post we feel is inappropriate in any way....ie: abusive language, offensive topics, etc. Additionally, please refrain from posting topics that have recently been discussed, to avoid multiple pages covering duplicate subject matter.

The Community Blog section of the CCO features:

  • Reader Entry Creation with active account
  • A comment section for all blog posts written
  • A Recommended Post section that readers can vote on and I will elaborate on this function at a later time.
  • Avatars for all writers and commentors

Use this section not only as a way to have your opinion and thoughts about the Cubs heard, but as another way to discuss and pass on information about the Chicago National League Ball Club.

Please remember to....Stay Classy Cubs Fans and have fun blogging!