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OK...I was just surfking articles on the Sun Times website about the Cubs and after THREE seperate articles pissed me off....I'm here to vent and hope that somehow Lou Piniella and Jim Hendry see this.

Article 1:,CST-SPT-cub20.article

In this article Lou says
''I don't have the luxury here of having young kids that we can bring up here and put on the field and provide a little more energy and possibly jump-start it from that position,'' Piniella said. ''We don't have that. So our veteran players are going to have to dig in and get it done. That's it.''

Hey dumbass...yes you have depleted Iowa about as much as can be. Now how about PLAYING the kids that you did get?!?!?! Fuld would provide a TON of energy and has! Fox has earned a chance to play regularly! Hoffpauir should have been used more! Don't make such a stupid comment that you don't have the luxury of using kids to give a spark. N ... - Click Here for the WTTW homepage

The PBS station has an interesting John Calloway interview with Jack Brickhouse...
Brickhouse broadcast the Cubs for over forty years.


The Cubs traded Jason Dubois to the New York Mets on Thursday for a player to be named later. Dubois could be with the Mets in the near future due to all of the injuries the Metropolitans have dealt with this season.