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If I were Hendry, I'd have Huntington on speed dial right now. I would be offering: Marshall, Cedeno (as they're trying to trade Wilson), Pie (to give them until McCutcheon is ready), Atkins, and maybe even Hoffpauir (though, he's valuable as a replacement for Lee and pinch hitter)

The Pirates did a similar thing with ARAM I believe, and subsequently traded him to the Cubs, though he was under team control. I think they realize that McLouth's value may never be higher than it is now, and given the fact that extension talks are all but dead, it might be worth a call, wouldn't it? I know many on here would love it. Wasn't it JimK who was always wanting McLouth?

Too bad we didn't hang onto Veal, because, obviously the Pirates wanted him. Right now, I think those are the biggest assets we have to trade that would interest a team like the Pirates. Maybe guys like Tony Thomas, Colvin, etc. might i ...

Who's Jake Peavy?

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Well, I was working with some numbers dealing with Dempster, Caridad, and Fukudome. But I'll get to them later for now.

Now, here's an interesting opinion, from the Sun Times:

"Peavy will make the rotation stronger and deeper, but he isn't the answer to the Cubs' postseason woes."


"Peavy spent nearly a month on the DL last season... sounds like Rich Harden, which isn't necessarily a bad thing -- at least during the regular season. Harden lost a playoff game, too."

And more?

"Peavy has benefited from playing in Petco Park, one of the pitcher-friendliest parks in the majors."


I can't speak much about injury, but I do know where Peavy plays. He plays in the most extreme pitcher's park in Major League since 2004, Petco Park.

The reason why authors like Sun Time's Modrowski undervalue Jake Peavy is because ...


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Hey guys...I arrived here in Vegas yesterday, only to find out that I do not have free internet access at the hotel. I found a little cove in the convention center with free wireless, but I'm limited to 30 minutes/day....needless to say, this will be short...

Upon arriving at the Bellagio, I ran into Bobby Cox, Jim Fregosi, Peter Gammons, Bobby Valentine, Ken Rosenthal (dude, is seriously a gosh he's tiny)....P Diddy (yes, that dude).

Then, later last night at the Hilton Casino, I ran into Roy Oswalt, Orlando Palmeiro, and, yes...JAKE PEAVY....

All of the guys were super nice, save for Fregosi, who did not seem friendly to me when I introduced myself...

When I asked Peavy about his destination, and mentioned the Cubs, he just smiled....hmmmmmmmmmmm

Him and Oswalt were with like 4 girls between the two of was very interesting to say the least, especially given the fact that they were at the Hilton...I'm thinking to myself-- ...

Mad Dog Buries His Bone

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Greg Maddux is set to announce his retirement on Monday at the baseball winter meetings in his hometown of Las Vegas.

He will be missed. Truly the best pitcher of my lifetime, and perhaps many more.


Complete Arbitration List

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Courtesy of Yahoo Sports, here is a complete list of players that were offered arbitration on Monday. Players have until Sunday, December 7th to accept.