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My First Cubs Game

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Joe from San Diego emailed several photos of his daughter, Abby, at her first Cubs game last Wednesday against the Padres. This is truly what baseball is about and I thought I would pass them along for all to enjoy. Here is a little snippet from Joe and several photos of his daughter ... who's sign ended up on the broadcast.

"Thought I'd share some pictures of the game tonight if you want to post any.... I took Abby to her first Cubs game...she loved it. We sat out in the "beach" in the outfield where the kids can play in the sand."

"Before the game she got a ball from Rookie Cubs pitcher Randy Wells!! He saw her standing at the fence during warm ups with her "first game signs" and without asking he got a ball and came to give it to her. He even signed it for her!"


"When I'm not a player now, I kid around about Destiny, I think it might mean something. But inside those clubhouses, Destiny means nothing. Pete Rose used to have destiny follow him wherever he went, because he was a great pressure player. In key situations, he always seems to have that linedrive.

Destiny hangs around teams and people that do the little things, that know how to play the game, that execute what the manager wants to be done; had they pitched well in clutch situations?

If you were a manager, would you have a meeting and say: Fellas, relax, Destiny is on our side.

No, you wouldn't do that. You don't want them to believe in that.

Destiny hangs around winning teams, and comes to all the victory parties. It's something after the fact."

I hereby quotes Mike Schmidt, the great third baseman who hit 548 homeruns solely for the Phillies. Schmidt was on the Cubs, on the day of October 4, 1989, game one of the NLCS between our Eastern Div ...

What If's, and's & but's?

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WE can play "what ifs" forever (and probably will until next spring), second guessing all of Hendry's bad off season moves, but it is impossible to predict how many games the Cubs would have won with "so and so" in RF and "so and so" on the bench. Another simple but huge "what if" is how many games up they would be if Aramis just hadn't gone down (let alone all the other injuries). But that is my point; you just don't know that if DeRosa had stayed that he wouldn't have gotten beaned and broken his wrist or that Abreu wouldn't have torn his ACL...or any number of things. You can't just say that with certain player's they'd have won X number more games.

You CAN though fairly say that their bullpen has cost at least 8 wins (half of the 17 late leads that were lost by the pen). And that shoddy defense and poor fundamentals have cost a couple it could be argued that without much except better defense this team could easily be 15+ games over right now. That isn't even ...

Geovany Soto played catcher and batted third for Double A.

First at-bat: Called out on Starikes

Second at-bat: Walked

Third at-bat: 2-run Home Run to Left Field

Fourth at-bat: Grounds out to third base.

Soto will return Friday, Thank you!!!

Brad Snyder is expected to come off DL and return to Triple A Iowa.

Side Note: Starlin Castro went 2-5 with 2 singles and is batting .444 in 2 games.

They should call him up play short move Theriot to second DFA Miles. He is a good defender and has a good arm.


Soto catch and batted third for Double A:

First at-bat: Soto strikes out swinging.

Second at-bat: Soto Grounds out to the shortstop.

Third at-bat: Soto Homers on a flyball to LF.

BJ Ryan pitched 1 inning for Iowa Cubs giving up 1 walk and striking out 1. Ryan still has not given up a run.


Goevany Soto catch and batted third for Doble A Tennessee Smokies.

First at-bat: Singled on a line drive to left field, also he drove in a run.

Second at-bat: Geovany Soto called out on strikes.

Third at-bat: Soto walks.

I will keep you posted if he rehabs tomorrow.