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Since when did Derrek Lee become so lame?
Yes, the Cub's second-best first baseman was "Offended" that team USA officials asked him to play Sunday Night vs Japan in the WBC semi-final game. Lee said "That he was out with a quad injury and felt disrespected." First of all, Lee's injury was day to day.
The ground out/double play hitting machine even said mid last week "That if this was April he would be playing." Secondly, he should have taken it as a compliment that he was aked to play.

As far as I am concerned he is not good anymore, every first baseman in the division is better than him with the exception LaRoche from Pittsburgh. Hell, he is not even the best first baseman on the Cubs.

Derrek, if you are reading this, you are two years removed from your wrist injury, your daughter is well stop bitching about the little things and try not to hit into so many DP's this year. WORD!


Quick apology to everyone else who posted a CB post. I hate to bump all of yours down. Neil, could you delete this after I've got a couple of opinions? Thanks.

My question concerns the 2009 projection systems. I'm looking at the Cubs projections. Combined and averaged out, we're looking at a 95 win team (more or less). However, my question is which system is the best.

In my list I have:

Bill James

All of the above read more or less the same about this team. (REALLY GOOD)

But historically, which system is the most accurate? Gracias everyone!


New Season, more green. It's nothing about Obama's new economy policy here. I'm talking about the baseball season really kicking in.

I recently purchased a Yahoo Fantasy Baseball PLUS league, and I'm looking forward to more friends joining me. If you are familiar with fantasy sport, or is heavily researching this game, I welcome you here. If not, you have better things to do than rolling down this screen, thank you for reading so far.

Here's what this is, the Dorasaga League

- Two divisions: "Honor" and "Dignity"; we have a postseason for the four best teams out of the previous 22 weeks

- A prize for the winner; as the commissioner, I will personally give out memorabilia that I own to add prize(s) value

- Live Draft and Keeper (you can use up to 2 players from your last year's final fantasy roster, while losing your first or also the second round draft pick, if you decide to keep more than 2; please email me the player you want to keep from la ...

The idea of identifying a team of longer-time minor leaguers, who have been denied their earned big break in major league baseball, got a little traction a few days ago on CCO. What to do with such a team (called the Ponce Snow Snakes) that might be, at least, entertaining got crazier and crazier as I sought to put Aaron's, Matt's and my whimseys into a topic of general interest. I perceived that some of us could participate in the selection and "operation" of the team as a big league competitor. I perceived that those players seclected who did compete in the bigs could be awarded "wins" on a basis like 6 hits by a player equals a win--as does a pitcher's win, save and 2 holds. These "wins" would be compared to the real teams actual wins to see how the Snow Snakes performed.

In the selection process, it seemed practical to look for maligned players between the ages of 26 and 32 on April 1st and who had spent more than one half their prior year at AAA or AA. Putting ...