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Bullpen, Bullpen, Bullpen?

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As I sit here on my computer and look at the Chicago Cubs bullpen without Kerry Wood, I cannot help but worry. This upcoming year we might have to rely on more youth than we can possibly handle.

---Cub Relievers---
Jose Ascanio
Neal Cotts
Carlos Marmol
Chad Gaudin
Michael Wuertz
Jeff Samardzija
Angel Guzman
Kevin Hart
Kevin Gregg

Feel free to rip my opinion apart, but that is A LOT of uncertainty to take us to the postseason and beyond. By taking just Kid-K away, our entire relieving staff goes into jeopardy. Let's look at our Set-up man-Closer duo's.

---2008 Pitching Stats---
Carlos Marmol 2-4 2.68 ERA 7 Saves 114 KO 30 Holds
Kerry Wood 5-4 3.26 ERA 34 Saves 84 KO

Kevin Gregg 7-8 3.41 ERA 29 Saves 58 KO 4 Holds
Carlos Marmol 2-4 2.68 ERA 7 Saves 114 KO

Stats are stats...they don't always show the differen ...

...."with the 19th pick of the first round the Baltimore Orioles select Infielder Michael Eugene Fontenot"....

He was not exactly a throw-in in the Sammy Sosa deal but I can assure you that his inclusion was not what convinced Jim Hendry to pull the trigger on the deal that would finally say good bye to the one time hero and hello to the low key mystery named Michael Eugene Fontenot. In other words the idea was to get rid of Sosa at all costs and not to acquire Fontenot or the other two players that where included in the deal from Baltimore; 2B/OF Jerry Hairston, Jr. and RHP Dave Crouthers.[who the hell is Dave?]

When Mike Fontenot was called up initially to the MLB on April of 2005 I remember thinking to myself that for the first time in a lot of time the Chicago Cubs farm system was becoming weak. But no worries, the Cubs have plenty of money to spend and... We all expected at least a big name signing like Carlos Beltran or somebody in that neigh ...


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We all love to talk trade scenarios, free agent signings, and minor league prospects on this site. I must admit, I have come up with some pretty crazy scenarios. Many on here might remember my suggestions to trade Soriano for Beltran, Lee for top prospects, etc...Which begs the question: What is realistic, and what is not?

To start with realistic, allow me to examine a few recent trades of big stars, and the players that were traded for them (this will give you a good gauge of what's possible):

Rich Harden and Chad Gaudin: trade from A's to Cubs
-Josh Donaldson (top catching prospect and high draft pick), Eric Patterson (top infield prospect), Sean Gallagher (top pitching prospect), Matt Murton (former top prospect)
*comments: we had to give up our top catching, pitching, and infield prospects for an oft-injured "could be ace" pitcher, and swing guy. I'm not saying it's a bad trade, but merely stating what it is we actually had to give up for him, which b ...

Testing Kerry Wood

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Okay. I haven't fallen in love with the community blog like Joe and Aaron have but here I go. =)

Kerry Wood will be offered arbitration by the Cubs. And why shouldn't they. Kerry is of course worth two 1st round draft picks.

After being "let go" by the Cubbies Kerry said he would have "done anything to stay in Chicago" and that means presumedly taking a one year deal.

My first question much will Kerry make if he theoretically accepted a Cubs arbitration offer? Is it about the same if the Cubs were to have offered him a one year deal minus the incentives.

And my statement is...I wonder how little will Kerry to take to stay a Cub. Especially if he meant what he said...

Everyone knows how bitter I am about the Kerry situation. People say you should love the name on the front of the jersey. Not the back. But as Cub fans with losing traditions,don't the names on the back of the jerseys make us love that name on the front?

Santo, Wo ...


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All of you know my stance on Hendry, so I will be completely objective here, and start out with the Genius.

GENIUS: top 5
1) Mark Grudzielanek and Erik Karros-traded Hundley and Hermansen to Dodgers
2)ARAM and Kenny Lofton (Hendry's second genius move)-traded Jose Hernandez, Matt Bruback, and Bobby Hill
3)Derrek Lee-traded Choi and a PTBNL to Marlins
4)Nomar and Murton-traded away in all Justin Jones, Alex Gonzalez, Brendan Harris, and Francis Beltran
5) a. Harden and Gaudin-traded spare parts in Gallagher, Murton, Patterson, and Donaldson
b. Chris Robinson (who?'ll see)-I include this one as part b, because Robinson hasn't exactly panned out yet, but getting anyone breathing for Neifi---and the fact that Robinson was regarded as having significant promise at the time, was a complete heist for the Cubs

1) Sosa-while we netted Fontenot, this was a horrible trade, because he knew of Sosa's me-first at ...

Trading Prospects Away

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I made a post on the main page replying to the fact someone mentioned whether we should trade 3B Josh Vitters, our best prospect. He was our number one pick (and number three overall).

I contemplated this question. He is only 19. Yes he was the number 3 pick in the draft, but is that a guarantee he will succeed? Looking back over the last decade of draft picks you can see that some names make it and some never pan out to be what you thought.

In the 2000 draft the Cubs also had the third overall pick. I think this draft best illustrates my point never know.....

In 2000 we drafted shortstop Luis Montanez. Yeah that worked out well, now didn't it.

This draft stood out because of the lack of superstars that developed from it. The number one pick, 1B Adrian Gonzalez sure did blossom. Not many more did. Although, if you look down the list the Cubs could have drafted 2B Chase Utley instead of Mr. Montanez.

Here is the list of f ...

Fukudome on his way out?

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Please see the following information from the Tribune website:,0,7843897.story

Call if the Fukudome Funk.

Whatever caused Kosuke Fukudome to go from phenom to failure, all in his first major-league season, has put the Cubs in an obvious quandary.

With manager Lou Piniella insisting on more pop from the left side of the plate and with Fukudome still unproven, the Cubs made no secret about their desire for another right fielder at the just-concluded general managers meetings.

The Kosuke Crash has cooled the Cubs confidence that he will be an every-day player. Right now, he is probably a platoon center fielder, meaning the Cubs have to spend more money to protect themselves. That will make GM Jim Hendry's job even more difficult.

While Hendry tries to put a positive spin on things, it's obvious the Cubs don't know whether Fukudome is the All-Star player ...

I am debating whether or not to get a ticket to the Cubs convention this year. I'd be coming from Virginia so I'm trying to debate if it is worth the time or money. Please let me know if anyone has any advice to offer.


Trouble reading website

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Is anyone else having trouble reading the website on the homepage. There seems to be an overlap towards the bottom of the page. Just wondering if this is happening to everyone or if it's just my computer. Thanks.