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Where should I start, there is a lot:

1) Where was Baker when he was traded to the Cubs, oh I know rotting on the bench but Pinella has to play the lefty bum Mike Fontenot.

2) Milton Bradley was hitting close to .400 batting second and when the Cubs still have a chance he bats him 5th and had trouble getting on base and driving in runs.

3) Playing Alfonso Soriano even when he was injured and not playing younger guys like Fox and Hoffpauir who are healthy and will play as good as defense as Soriano could or even better.

4) When the Cubs will only 5.5 games out of the wild card and down by 1 run he brings in rookies who are nervous and had trouble throwing strikes and getting outs.

5) Kept going with Gregg as closer even when he was having trouble getting the last 3 outs of the game.

6) Only letting the starting pitchers pitch around 100 pitches even when they are pitching one hell of a game.

6) Letting the relief pitchers like M ...

Jim Hendry Recent Trades...

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The trades will be from the offseason and this year:

1) Cubs traded Jose Ascaino, Kevin Hart and a prospect for Jonh Grabow and Tom Gorzelanny of the Pirates
Verdict: I say the Cubs win by a pretty good amount because Gorzelanny and Grabow come in and get outs while Ascaino and Hart are struggling with the Pirates.

2) Cubs traded a prospect for Jeff Baker of the Rockies.
Verdict: I say the Cubs win big because Baker is hitting the crap out of the ball and the Rockies got a player who is 24 and only in Single A.

3) Cubs traded Ryan Freel for a PTBNL of the Royals.
Verdict: I say the Cubs win because the Cubs got a player in return when he was going to be release and the Royals eventually released Freel.

4) The Cubs traded Joey Gathright for Ryan Freel of the Orioles.
Verdict: The Cubs lose because Ryan Freel was traded to the Royals and they lost a good pinch runner off the bench.

5) The Cubs Traded Rich Hill for a PTBNL ...