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According to Crain's Chicago Business, the Rickett family is close to finishing off the deal for the Cubs than recent reports suggest.

A lot of people thought that there was a disagreement with the broadcast contract with WGN's network station. Also that left the two sides apart 50 million of the 900 million.

Sources says both sides made big strides for competing the deal. The Rickett family has has a lot of talks with the Tribune since early January.

The financing looks to be in place with J. P. Morgan Chase & Co., Citigroup Corp. and Bank of America Corp, the are loaning 350 million to the Tom Ricketts. Crain has learned that draft commitment letters are expected to be signed by next week. The balance of the funding will come from a $100-million private placement of notes and $403 million in cash the family generated when it sold stock of TD Ameritrade in February.

I guess we just have to wait and see what happens.


According to the Chicago Sun-Times, the Cubs might be interested in 3B Kevin Kouzmanoff. The Sun-Times also says the Cubs might just be willing to use Miles, Scales or Fontenot at third until Ramirez comes back from injury.

According to Hot Stove Cubbies, the Cubs are also interested in infielders Jorge Cantu and Dan Uggla. These 2 players will cost more than Kevin but are way better. If I had to chose from out of these 3 players, I will chose Cantu because he can hit better and is younger than Kevin and Uggla. Cantu can also play third, first and second and probably can play short if needed.

Stats for those 3 players, so far this year:

Kevin Kouzmanoff in 28 years old and has a 236 batting average with 4 home runs, 16 rbis, 7 walks and struck out 37 times.

Jorge Cantu is 27 years old and has a 276 batting average with 8 home runs, 35 rbis, 11 walks and 23 strikeouts.

Dan Uggla is 29 years old and has a 205 batting average with 8 home runs, 30 ...

I will trade for Peavy because Marshall needs to go to the bullpen and the health of the rotation is unclear, as if they can stay healthy:
Cubs get Jake Peavy (they need to get his contract out of their hand)
Padres get Jeff Stevens Randy Wells Welmington Castilla Kevin Hart.

Trade Mike Fontenot to the Mets:
Mets get Mike Fontenot
Cubs get Manuel Mayorson (minor league shortstop, who can play second), Jay Buente (Minor league pitcher)

Trade Aaron Heilman to the Yankees:
Cubs get Mark Melancon J.B. Cox (minor league pitchers)
Yankees get Aaron Heilman (they need relief pitching)

Trade Neal Cotts to the Indians:
Cubs get a PTBNL
Indians get Neal Cotts

Trade Jake Fox to the Red Sox
Cubs get Clay Bucholtz
Red Sox get Jake Fox Aaron Shafer

DFA David Patton and bring him back to the Rockies.

Starting Rotation:
Big Z
Jake Peavy
Ted Lilly
Ryan Dempster
Ri ...

Jon Heyman says the White Sox and Padres have agreed to a Peavy trade, and await Peavy's approval. MLB.com's Corey Brock agrees. Ken Williams, always operating under the radar. Now we get to see just how much Peavy hates the AL.

Peavy is owed an additional $8.35MM this year, $15MM in '10, $16MM in '11, $17MM in '12, and a $4MM buyout for '13. Total: $60.35MM guaranteed through 2012. It is surprising to see the White Sox willing to take on such a commitment to a pitcher.

Via Gonzales on Twitter: "Waiting for approval from Peavy on SD trade, according to source."

Well that stinks, I still think Jake Peavy is making a mistake and his stats will still decline. The ownership also screwerd us, if the Cubs had a owners, Peavy will be a Cub instead of a White Sox.

Who can the Cubs go after now to help there ball club,


According to Tom Krasovic of the San Diego Union-Tribune, the Padres are in discussions to send Jake Peavy to the White Sox.

"According to Padres personnel, Peavy met with Padres manager Bud Black late Wednesday night to discuss a trade overture from the Sox:.

It is apparently a four-player offer. Jake Peavy will have to accept a trade to go to a team and he said, it is something to think about. Also Krasovic says Peavy "may have reservations about pitching for Ozzie Guillen."

Corey Brock of MLB.com ask Peavy about the rumor and he said "I only know what you guys know, Peavy was talking about the media.

Mark Gonzales of the Chicago Tribune, says scouts from the Padres were at the White Sox games last weekend in Toronto.

SI's Jon Heyman still believes Jake Peavy prefers to stay in the NL. Heyman also mentions he still likes the Cubs or Brewers as teams he will be traded to.

It is believed to be the Padres will ask for 1 of their top ...

I think the Cubs need to see what they can get for Aaron Miles and Mike Fontenot in a trade. They have Bobby Scales who is producing more than Mike Fontenot and Aaron Miles. I say the Cubs look at 31 year old IF Christian Guzman, who is batting 373 right now.

The Cubs also need to see what the can get for Triple A standout Jake Fox. Teams that might be interested- Boston Red Sox, New York Mets, Chicago White Sox, Detroit Tigers and any AL Team that needs a bench player or a DH.

I also think the Cubs need to see what they can get for P Randy Wells, when he still pitches good and allows no runs. If the Cubs want back Mark Derosa, that is a player they will have to give up. In my opinion I will not do that, Derosa is only batting 240.

The Cubs also have to see if they can get any players for pitchers Aaron Heilman, Neal Cotts or Kevin Gregg. I think the Cubs can get players for them because a lot of clubs are desperate of pitching.

If that stuff happens ...

Carlos Zambrano pitch for the Daytona Cubs today against the Blue Jays minor league team, Dunedin Blue Jays .

Zambrano pitch three and two-thirds innings and gave up 5 hits, 4 earn runs, 3 walks and 1 strikeout with a fastball that top out at 94 mph. Zambrano threw 67 pitches and 42 for strikes.

The coaching staff said that Zambrano was having a hard time to fine his release point.

Zambrano will have another bullpen session next week before he takes the mound Friday, May 22nd at San Diego Padres at 9:05pm.

The good thing that came out of Zambrano's rehab start was he was feeling no pain in his leg when landing and his velocity was good. The bad was, Zambrano only pitching three and two thirds and giving up 5 hits and 4 earn runs, Zambrano also only struck out 1 batter to minor leaguers.

Lets just hope his outing stays in the minors and hope he pitches like he did when he threw the no hitter last year against the Astros.