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Newsflash on
12/23 "Hal says no contract offer on Manny/Texeira"
12/21 "Angels pull contract offer for Texeira off the Table"
Last Week: "Red Sox no longer in running for Texeira"

When in the free agency period have you seen the "have" teams in the middle of a pursuit of a premier free agent make public announcements about pulling out?

I don't recall ever seeing this.

I am going to date myself here...The first Cubs game I went to with a friend and paid for...
I paid $1.50 for a grandstand seat...bleacher seats could be had for the same price...
circa 1970. From the mid- 70's to @ 2001...I averaged 18 Cubs games and 6 Sox games
per year when I lived in Chicagoland. (There were years when I lived in Boston and Kansas City) but the fact is I've always been an avid baseball fan. Now I average 1-5
games per year...and it is because of the expense.

While MLB Owners, Players Union...and plain old greed come ...


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News Flash...Milwaukee to get Yankees first round pick & a sandwich pick for C.C. Sabathia.

News Flash...Toronto to get Yankees first round pick & a sandwich pick for A.J. Burnett.

News Flash...Yankees interested in Texeira...L.A. to get their 1rst round pick and a sandwich pick?

OK guys...the Yankees only get one first round pick...(assuming it wasn't traded away).
Who gets it?
If we are lucky...they won't ever be allowed a first round pick again!!!

I know how this works when a team signs just one TypeA free agent...but what happens
when they sign multiple free agents? Damn the Yankees.

Thanks guys....SuzyS