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Kevin Millar or Chad Tracy: The Veteran Bench Battle.

Kevin Millar and Chad Tracy are both trying to win a spot on the Chicago Cubs opening day roster. The question for who is the better fit for the team shouldn't come down to a popularity contest, it should come down to who better fits the Cubs needs and who is the better player. What appears to be going on right now in the Chicago Cubs spring training camp right now is a popularity contest.

Kevin Millar the "self-proclaimed idiot" is winning the popularity contest, with his outgoing personality. He is ahead slightly in the hitting department as well this spring hitting .300/.481/.500 in 20 at bats with 6 hits (including one double and one homerun), 7 walks and 5 strikeouts. Chad Tracy is hitting .269/.367/.308 with 7 hits (one double), 4 walks, and 3 strikeouts. There is not a huge difference, especially given the limited number of at bats.

Unless Kevin Millar can show he can play third base, ...