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Testing Kerry Wood

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Okay. I haven't fallen in love with the community blog like Joe and Aaron have but here I go. =)

Kerry Wood will be offered arbitration by the Cubs. And why shouldn't they. Kerry is of course worth two 1st round draft picks.

After being "let go" by the Cubbies Kerry said he would have "done anything to stay in Chicago" and that means presumedly taking a one year deal.

My first question much will Kerry make if he theoretically accepted a Cubs arbitration offer? Is it about the same if the Cubs were to have offered him a one year deal minus the incentives.

And my statement is...I wonder how little will Kerry to take to stay a Cub. Especially if he meant what he said...

Everyone knows how bitter I am about the Kerry situation. People say you should love the name on the front of the jersey. Not the back. But as Cub fans with losing traditions,don't the names on the back of the jerseys make us love that name on the front?

Santo, Wo ...