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Ideas for a Peavy trade?

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Now that it seems Tom Ricketts is poised to become the Cubs new owner, barring any problems with the pending negotiations, many believe that Jake Peavy will be a Cub by opening day. Once Ricketts gives Hendry the okay to go ahead with the trade, he will still have to put together a package that the Padres will agree upon. So, it is time for us Cubs fans to guess on what it will be. Post your ideas here. I think that Hendry should offer the following five guys for Jake Peavy: 1. Garret Olson (we got him, we know they want him) 2. Ronny Cedeno (they could use a nice young shortstop, they lost Khalil greene) 3. Kevin Hart (they want young pitching and he has been brought up a lot) 4. Rich Hill (this one may not work but the Padres gotta believe he is a low risk, high reward guy) 5. Any one of the following could be the fifth guy from my perspective (Angel Guzman, Luis Vizcaino, Michael Weurtz, Randy Wells, or Mitch Atkins) ...