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Why I'm A Cubs Fan

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from my new blog at called Tinkers To Evers To Blog... So, the last two seasons have seen the Cubs winning the National League Central only to get swept out in the first round of the playoffs. Let's face it, that's been painful. As was 2003 and the failure of 2004. As was the embarrassment of 1989 and the near miss in 1984. And with the exception of 1998 (when we were also swept out of the first round, but lets face it, we didn't really expect to be there that year) every other year has also been a huge disappointment. So, why do I (and so many other loyal fans) continue to root for this franchise? Simple answer, because we can't help it. There's just something about the Cubs that reaches into our souls and makes us believe. Something that connects us to this franchise in a way that is only comparable to the way some people feel about their Alma Mater (Go Frogs, by the way). We Cub fans are more connected to our franchise then the normal fa ...