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(This is an article I wrote for Bleacher Report)

The St. Louis Cardinals today announced that former Cardinals superstar Mark McGwire would be joining the team as its hitting coach.
This is the same Mark McGwire who in 1998 set the then major league record for homeruns in a season with 70. It is also the same Mark McGwire who has been at the heart of the "steroid era" of baseball from the very beginning.
In August of 1998, while McGwire was chasing the homerun record, Associated Press writer Steve Wilstein noticed a bottle of Andro which since 2004 has been labeled by Congress as an anabolic steroid. McGwire first denied taking Andro, but later admitted he has been taking the substance for more than a year while claiming that "Everybody in the game of baseball that I know uses the same stuff that I use".
Nobody knew at the time this article came out what was in store for Major League Baseball concerning steroid use in the years to come.
At the time, ...