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What a weekend of classic games!!

There was the Ryne Sandberg game against the Cardinals in 1984! Loved remembering that it was one of the first for me as a child fan. Was great to see all the old players....some of the funny points I noticed during the game was the police sunglasses that Larry Bowas started to wear that year. He looked like he was straight of the set of CHiPs.

When Richie Hebner came to bat it was very strange....he's a lefthanded batter....and had one batting glove on...BUT it was on his left hand...which would be his TOP hand on the bat. He didnt have a glove on his bottom hand. Strange to see that.

Also funny was the realization that before #21 Milton Bradley......before #21 Sammy Sosa....there was #21........Jay Johnstone!! Loved seeing one of my favorite players before Sandberg.....good ol Zonk....Keith Moreland!!

There was a classic White Sox game from 1981...opening day at Fenway Park....WOW those hideous softball ...


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The infamous 1984 game....RYNE SANDBERG against Bruce Sutter and the Cardinals...the NBC game of the week....will be on the MLB Network Sunday at 3PM Chicago time...... ...

Prime 9 Questionable Steroid Users

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This is an article I wrote for Bleacher Report.....

Steroid use is the talk of baseball. We know Alex Rodriguez is on the list of 104 players that tested positive in 2003. However, who are the other 103 players? In the theme of the MLB Network, I have compiled a Prime 9 list of position players I feel may very well be on that list of 104.

When looking at their statistics, it's hard not to stop and think if it's just coincidence, or if there are obvious signs of steroid use. There is nothing factual about the names I have listed. They are just merely my opinion with what I feel is enough question raised with their statistics.

In no particular order, my "Prime 9 Players" are:

Preston Wilson

In 2003, Wilson belted 36 homeruns and had 141 runs batted in. Over the course of his first 5 seasons, Preston averaged 28 homeruns and 94 runs ba ...