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In what can be compared to those who got to watch Jackie Robinson break the color barrier in baseball.....I am excited to watch the Presidential Inauguration in just a few hours!! We are going to witness something very historic. Something that will be taught in history books for years to come. Some of our parents or grandparents talk about the day Jackie Robinson broke the color barrier in baseball. This is the same situation. What really got me to thinking is realizing it was just a few short years before my birth in 1970 that the first civil rights bill was signed (1964). I was that close to being a part of segregation, instead of just reading about it in my History classes. Now, 45 years later we are about to witness a black man take office as the President of the United States. While Rev. Jesse Jackson and Oprah can't seem to stay out of the limelight of this hotsorical moment, there are several people who I wish truly could be front and center for it: Martin Luther ...


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We are hours away from the announcement of this years inductees for the Hall Of Fame. Obviously Rickey Henderson is a no-brainer. Best lead-off hitter of all time! Hey, aren't the Cubs in the market for a lead off hitter?? You wouldn't mind waiting another 5 years for election, would ya Rickey? My guess is it will also be a special day for one Lee Arthur Smith. Now that a few closers have been recognized in recent years, how can you not put the pitcher who until Trevor Hoffman passed him, was the all time saves leader? I think he gets the call. It could also be the shot for Bert Be Home Blyleven. I think he definitely is deserving. Almost 300 wins (287), 3700 strikeouts, 242 complete games, and more suprising to me a career ERA of 3.31. Many critics point to his 250 losses. But, cmon his ERA shows he wasn't getting bombed. The losses were a result of the number of years spent playing for crappy Twins and Indians teams. He definitely should be in. There is debate ...