JimK: January 2009 Archives

I just read of Carl Pohlad's death at age 93. He is a part of my experiences in baseball, and I'm remembering him now. From 1976 until 2004, I had a venture company that operated as a provider of whatever entrepreneurs might be missing in start-up or turn-around businesses. That might include capital, access to credit, managerial input, etc.

In 1988, I was asked to step in as CEO of an Indy bank in a crisis management situation. I did, managed to protect the bank from it's holding company that declared bankruptcy, and eventually sold the bank to a larger one. The bank had a specialized portfolio of about $90 million in radio station loans, and I wanted to sell the portfolio. Another bank with that specialty was the Marquette Bank in MInneapolis--a very large bank owned by Carl Pohlad.

I called him, managed to reach him and found a very cordial, up-from-the-bootstraps man whose early life and career (in Iowa) resembled mine (in Indiana). He said he would like me to come ...