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What If's, and's & but's?

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WE can play "what ifs" forever (and probably will until next spring), second guessing all of Hendry's bad off season moves, but it is impossible to predict how many games the Cubs would have won with "so and so" in RF and "so and so" on the bench. Another simple but huge "what if" is how many games up they would be if Aramis just hadn't gone down (let alone all the other injuries). But that is my point; you just don't know that if DeRosa had stayed that he wouldn't have gotten beaned and broken his wrist or that Abreu wouldn't have torn his ACL...or any number of things. You can't just say that with certain player's they'd have won X number more games.

You CAN though fairly say that their bullpen has cost at least 8 wins (half of the 17 late leads that were lost by the pen). And that shoddy defense and poor fundamentals have cost a couple more...so it could be argued that without much except better defense this team could easily be 15+ games over right now. That isn't even ...