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Cubs Vs. Dodgers

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I know the last thing Neil wants is for people to be hocking tickets on here, but I am claiming a special case. I am flying into town from Philly tomorrow to see two games against LA and my parents were supposed to accompany us. It would have been their first trip to Chicago (we live in NJ) and my fiance and I were going to show them around town. My dad is now unable to travel due to a sudden medical issue (he is getting stents placed in two arteries today) but he should be fine. I now have two tickets for tomorrow's game and two for Friday's game to get rid of. If anyone is interested in purchasing them at face value, please let me know. Also, since I'm an out-of-towner, are there laws against me trying to sell them outside of Wrigley? I know I've seen it done there but I don't want to take a chance.

Thank you.