Dorasaga: July 2009 Archives

The guy's promoted from Iowa. "0-3 with a 2.18 ERA and 2 saves in 30 games. He has a tidy WHIP of 1.09, having pitched 41.1 innings and giving up 25 hits and 20 walks while striking out 43," according to the Herald's Bruce Miles. With Marmol struggling on command and Dempster off the active chart, opening doors to potential dump of workloads for our bullpen, will Stevens be the fresh arm we are waiting for?

So I just caught a summer Olympic game @Beijing on an internet tv thing half an hour ago. It was August 2008, last year. I wasn't planning to watch it, but I played with my remote, and tuned there, saw bottom of the 8th, semifinal... Hey, isn't that Jeff?

He was representing Team USA with honor and pride, against the King Amateuri, the Cuba National Team. It's August. Jeff Stevens, still belied the Indians system, should be in midseason form. There's no excuse of not enough warmup or mental preparation. No food poisoning--Com'on, every educated traveler knows that ...