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No, this has nothing to do with beer, but the same embarrassment of too much Bud light at work has become synonymous with Cubs batters.

Hittability. Read it "Hit-ability." I came up with this term five days ago, when our team was on a two-game losing streak. Well, now we are on 6.

Good pitching, sure we got it. Solid defense? Enough to support the guys on the mound. Running the bases? A few errors, but I can live with it if only... They hit.

The magic 6. It's a week of games. That's 4% of a big league season (1 out of 25 weeks). Can Cubbies really not see the ball and put it in play?

I'm not saying Derrek Lee is not hitting. I'm not saying Fukudome is not hitting. Hell, I'm not even saying Rich Harden is not jumping on the ball (he can hit and run, by the way). Hittability is a collective effort. It's a team performance. It's the fundamental 101 of surviving for a professional baseball team, as the Cubs are.

What is going on recently with Cubb ...