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We've talked about the beneficiary of Peavy's contract and his no-trade clause since, umm, whenever GM Tower overcooked the rumor mill...

But I've been wondering, if somebody can help me out here... Doesn't our Caray-impersonator of Ryan Dempster have some kind of no-trade clause as well?

It's something called "veteran's consent," I believe. From what I understand is that after a major league player signed as a FREE AGENT, and reached his FIFTH year of professional service, in the SAME TEAM, he'll be qualified as a "veteran" and has a full say on being traded or not.

Therefore, after signed with our Cubs since 2006, and again signed for another 4-year, Dempster will be with the Cubs for more than 5 years after the season of 2010.

That being said, will his veteran's no-trade clause kick in after 2010? or since he signed for that period of 5yr service with the Cubs, the club cannot move him since day 1 from now on?

(I'm actu ...

Who's Jake Peavy?

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Well, I was working with some numbers dealing with Dempster, Caridad, and Fukudome. But I'll get to them later for now.

Now, here's an interesting opinion, from the Sun Times:

"Peavy will make the rotation stronger and deeper, but he isn't the answer to the Cubs' postseason woes."


"Peavy spent nearly a month on the DL last season... sounds like Rich Harden, which isn't necessarily a bad thing -- at least during the regular season. Harden lost a playoff game, too."

And more?

"Peavy has benefited from playing in Petco Park, one of the pitcher-friendliest parks in the majors."


I can't speak much about injury, but I do know where Peavy plays. He plays in the most extreme pitcher's park in Major League since 2004, Petco Park.

The reason why authors like Sun Time's Modrowski undervalue Jake Peavy is because ...