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When that Red Flag Flies...

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Good morning, Chicago.

I'm very excited to have a community place like this. A big---*hug* for Neil of fostering this creative digest.


The Phillies just won it all, and after that rain-delayed, thank-you Bud-Selig for-bashing-the-weatherman, game 5, who else, but Ken Rosenthal from FOX, knows how to entertain us. He asked the Perfect Man, Phillies closer Brad Lidge:

"You had struggled in your past postseason. How is this a redemption?"

Well, Ken was refering to 2005, when the then-Astros closer gave up that 3-runs monstrous blast to Prince Albert (Pujols), making Lidge the losing pitcher, and worse, a struggle from then on.

Lidge lost 3 games and blew a save since that Pujols homer, giving up 2 more losing runs in 3 innings against the Chicago White* Sox in the World Series that year. It makes his 42 out of 46 save opportunities, 13.12 K/9 (103 strikeouts in 70.2 innings) of that season looked like blown with the wind. Mind you, Li ...