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Waldo posted something similar to this, but I wanted to give a more detailed plan:

The average age of the Cubs lineup is 32 years old. I am going to give approximate salary figures, because I don't want to waste time being exact at this point. Without further adieu, here is our commitments on offense:

Soto-1 yr (arby eligible next yr), $600k
Hill-1 yr (arby eligible), $700k
Lee-1 yr, $13 million
Fontenot-1 yr (arby), $1 million
Baker-1 yr (arby), $900k
Theriot-1 yr (arby), $2.5 million
ARAM-1 yr (if he opts out, otherwise he has one year, plus another option), $16 million
Tracy-1 yr, $950k, but up to $1.5 w/ incentives
Soriano-5 yrs, $19 million/yr
Byrd-3 yrs, $3 million; $5.5 mm; $6.5 mm ($15 mm total)
Fukudome-2 yrs, $14 million/yr
Nady-1 yr, $3.3 million
Colvin-1 yr (rookie contract, MLB minimum), $400k

Only Soriano, Byrd, and Fukudome are signed beyond this season. After this season, ...