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Neil ran a post on the homepage a few days ago asking what you would do as the GM.

I pose a similar question, but wanted to take different criteria into consideration. Let's suppose you were able to find takers for all of our big contracts. Who would you move first, and why? The second part of the question is, who would you replace them with?

Here's my list:

1) Bradley-as a clubhouse cancer, injury prone, and underachiever his entire MLB career, Bradley takes the cake as worst signing in all of baseball probably for the last 10 years, given length of deal and dollar amount. We can easily replace his "production" in the lineup with Hoffpauir or Fox...heck, even Fuld

2) Soriano-next to Bradley, he's one of the worst free agent signings of the past decade. His swings look downright awful. He can't hit offspeed pitches, and his bat speed has slowed considerably to the point where you wonder if he's really 36 years old, and not 33 years old. Unfortunately, ...


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Brian and Shaun did an excellent job talking about this on the podcast last night with the whole Piniella situation. I'm wondering how his recent comments affect his players. Will they take it as a challenge, or will they replay the disappearing act we've seen all year? Will Joshua be let go later this season (doubtful...but with Hendry and Piniella, you just never know)? Will any other coaches be fired? Will Hendry have enough of Piniella's shenanigans, and fire him? Will the sale of the team ever happen? These are all some very interesting questions that will probably be answered VERY soon.

If, by chance, we do lose the series to the Cards (again, I hope not...but it's quite likely now), then you have to think going into the All-Star break that Hendry is going to have to make some big changes. As Brian and Shaun said, the worst possible thing that could happen to this team is if the Utay group wins the bid, as they have absolutely no interest in winning. If that's the case ...