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Hey guys, I was looking in my notes, and totally overlooked a conversation I had with a guy from TCU...

So, I was in the hotel's "game room" where everyone places bets on sporting events, and I'm sitting in a lounger by my buddy, when some other guy sits right next to us. We introduce ourselves, blah, blah, blah...

Come to find out, this was one of TCU's baseball announcers sitting next to us. He was there looking for a job in professional baseball broadcasting. When I learned that he was with TCU, I immediately identified myself as a Cubs fan, and we started talking about Cashner.

Here's a summary of that conversation:

-he was actually drafted higher (20th round) by the Braves out of high school than he was in college the first time (29th round) by the Cubs in 2007

-he first attended some junior college (I don't have the notes on where he attended though)

-in between 2007 and 2008, he was recruited by TCU to transfer early on. Then, a ...


If I were Hendry, I'd have Huntington on speed dial right now. I would be offering: Marshall, Cedeno (as they're trying to trade Wilson), Pie (to give them until McCutcheon is ready), Atkins, and maybe even Hoffpauir (though, he's valuable as a replacement for Lee and pinch hitter)

The Pirates did a similar thing with ARAM I believe, and subsequently traded him to the Cubs, though he was under team control. I think they realize that McLouth's value may never be higher than it is now, and given the fact that extension talks are all but dead, it might be worth a call, wouldn't it? I know many on here would love it. Wasn't it JimK who was always wanting McLouth?

Too bad we didn't hang onto Veal, because, obviously the Pirates wanted him. Right now, I think those are the biggest assets we have to trade that would interest a team like the Pirates. Maybe guys like Tony Thomas, Colvin, etc. might i ...


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Well, as most of you already know, I attended the baseball winter meetings this year in Las Vegas. As I mentioned in a few of my posts, a bulk of the conversations I overheard were dominated my talk of the economy. It was a funny conference in a way, because it seemed a lot like a social event more than a productive "team improvement" sort of event, which is the true underlying intention of the meetings. Sure, we had the trade show, which showcased all the new technology in jerseys, hats, video, seating, food preparation, entertainment, coaching, etc., and we went to other meetings about rules, state of baseball, etc. We heard a lot of motivational speakers, which was pretty boring.

In relation to the Cubs, I was relatively disappointed. Why? Well, I felt that it was wasted time for Hendry. Think about that statement for a second...Hendry had 4 1/2 days to at least sign someone, and he couldn't even do that. Just as last year showed, he still doesnm't seem to have the abili ...

I apologize for the lack of post yesterday. As for the meetings, I've tried to talk to several people from different teams, and here is what they had to say:

1) Cubs management doesn't have a clue if they trade DeRosa away in any deal
2) The trade for Gregg has both been praised, but when I saw the Pirates guys again, I asked them about this, and they said most of the people they talked to were puzzled by this, and that some teams had already pegged him as a non-tender, and were preparing to sign him. They thought Hendry got absolutely taken on this one, because evidently, Ceda has a pretty big name in the minors evidently among scouting circles.
3)I asked about Veal in the Rule 5, and unfortunately, it seems he has no real value at all. He has fallen out of sight in the eyes of many, but they did say some team will take a flier on him, and based on the upside, will take him high in the draft.
4)Finally, the biggest thing that I heard was the very real poss ...


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Well, not much Cubs-related news that you don't already know about. However, I did hear that the hang-up is that Towers seems to be demanding too much for a player that he's already backed into a corner with, and I've heard not to believe the hype about Towers saying he would go into the season with Peavy in the rotation---it's absolutely ludicrous, because they've already damaged the relationship and he's mentally moved on from them.

As for around the league...
I was on a bus with the whole Pirates player development staff with a colleague of mine. He used to work for the Pirates, so that's how we got in with them. Anyway, it was hilarious to say the least. The guys were really cool, and I can see the Pirates making a statement similar to the Rays here in a couple of years despite what many think.

Anyway...they were openly talking about trades and prospects, and teams they're dealing with, and that's when it got comical. One of them turns to the player develop ...


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Hey guys...I arrived here in Vegas yesterday, only to find out that I do not have free internet access at the hotel. I found a little cove in the convention center with free wireless, but I'm limited to 30 minutes/day....needless to say, this will be short...

Upon arriving at the Bellagio, I ran into Bobby Cox, Jim Fregosi, Peter Gammons, Bobby Valentine, Ken Rosenthal (dude, is seriously a smurf...my gosh he's tiny)....P Diddy (yes, that dude).

Then, later last night at the Hilton Casino, I ran into Roy Oswalt, Orlando Palmeiro, and, yes...JAKE PEAVY....

All of the guys were super nice, save for Fregosi, who did not seem friendly to me when I introduced myself...

When I asked Peavy about his destination, and mentioned the Cubs, he just smiled....hmmmmmmmmmmm

Him and Oswalt were with like 4 girls between the two of them...it was very interesting to say the least, especially given the fact that they were at the Hilton...I'm thinking to myself-- ...


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After the Soriano signing, re-signing of Dempster, etc., my mind started wandering. I was like, "what is this team going to look like in 3 years? Will they all need walkers to get around? Furthermore, will we even resemble a competitive team at all?"

Unless we get a forward-thinking owner who "gets it" and hires a similar GM and the GM hires a similar player development team, then we will NEVER get the World Series again. We need someone who is not afraid to blow up a team, and start over when the direction undertaken just isn't working. What happens in 3 years to the Cubs? Ever thought about that?

ARAM and Lee's contracts will have ended; Z will be entering the final year of his contract, Soriano will be 36 years old with 3 years remaining on his deal, Fukudome will be 35 in the final year of his deal; Dempster will be in the final year of his deal at 35 years old; Lilly will be gone, Marquis will be gone, DeRosa will be gone, Harden's arm will have fallen off....Ha ...