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Matt Murton was someone whom the Cubs organization, GM Hendry and his "guru" team, didn't really care as soon as they signed Alfonso Soriano.

Murton had excellent numbers and favorite scouting report back in his Minor days, especially pre-2007. The details are around googlesphere (more specifically, Baseball Cube, Fangraphs, etc.); I'm not here to bore you out with numbers.

The point here: He could actually run and throw as a Center Fielder in Japan! Look at the film. Wow.

Koshien, the home park of Hanshin Tiger (Kobe / Osaka), has one of the biggest fields in N.P.B. (Japan's big league). So, when I first heard Murton will take over the biggest part of this field, I was like: "Wut the hell are those coaches thinking."

Yeah, Murton was not supposed to field center. As the season goes on, I'm sure the old number-et-projection will reveal and there'll be a regress a ...

Do you think legendary Chicago Cub Ron Santo should be enshrined in Cooperstown? I do and his career totals proves that he should be in the Hall of Fame. He is one of the best third baseman in baseball history. He was the best 3rd baseman of his era. He was the 2nd third baseman in history to hit over 300 HR's. If you are a fan of baseball please sign the petition to the Veterans Committee that will be submitted to Cooperstown. He deserves to be enshrined in the Hall of Fame. Ron Santo fans lets unite together! Twenty Eleven enshrine Santo into baseball heaven.



Hank Aarons Boyhood Home

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Last night the Mobile Baybears had their home opener. But before the game they had a dedication for Hanks boyhood home which has been moved to Hank Aaron stadium and has been restored and turned into a museum.
It was such a memorable night. There were 7 hall of fame players there for the celebration. In attendance was Willie Mays, Bob Feller, Bruce Sutter, Reggie Jackson, Ozzie Smith, Rickey Henderson and of course Hammerin Hank.
I also want to add Bud Selig, and former Dback Louis Gonzales.
Let we just say it was the thrill of a lifetime seeing so many baseball greats in person at the same time. It is something I will never forget.

On a cool note as I was standing there I turned around and saw a lady holding a sign.\saying vote for "Santo for Hall of Fame"

It was a great night all the way around.


In an unscientific poll conducted by the CCO, the Faithful voted and think Lou Piniella's crew will win between 86-90 ballgames this season.

503 votes were cast in a poll that ran from March 22 - April 6 and 168 think the Cubs will contend in the central and finish with between 86-90 victories this year.


Waldo posted something similar to this, but I wanted to give a more detailed plan:

The average age of the Cubs lineup is 32 years old. I am going to give approximate salary figures, because I don't want to waste time being exact at this point. Without further adieu, here is our commitments on offense:

Soto-1 yr (arby eligible next yr), $600k
Hill-1 yr (arby eligible), $700k
Lee-1 yr, $13 million
Fontenot-1 yr (arby), $1 million
Baker-1 yr (arby), $900k
Theriot-1 yr (arby), $2.5 million
ARAM-1 yr (if he opts out, otherwise he has one year, plus another option), $16 million
Tracy-1 yr, $950k, but up to $1.5 w/ incentives
Soriano-5 yrs, $19 million/yr
Byrd-3 yrs, $3 million; $5.5 mm; $6.5 mm ($15 mm total)
Fukudome-2 yrs, $14 million/yr
Nady-1 yr, $3.3 million
Colvin-1 yr (rookie contract, MLB minimum), $400k

Only Soriano, Byrd, and Fukudome are signed beyond this season. After this season, ...

I know it is only 1 game but these have to happen because if they don't it will be a long season. They still can make the playoffs but will make it more sure if they make these moves.

1) Send Jeff Samardzija down or just plain out release him. His trade stock has fallen big time and since he has been a Cub, he has done nothing besides give up runs, walks, walks and more walks. He also can get hit off because he only has 1 pitch and that is a fast ball.

2) Call up top prospect SS Starlin Castro. I know he is probably not ready but I can not stand Ryan Theriot's defence. He is so bad at defence, every time a ball is hit there I never want to watch. He can not throw from short to first, he has no range and routine groundball are not for sure outs. If he does not hit, there is no need for him to play. If Castro got the call, it will improve the defence big time and make the pitchers even better.

Well in this game, the umpires did not help at ...