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Hey everyone! Who does everyone want the cubs to get in the draft? im praying that Bryce Harper falls to use because a lot of teams are watching him fall on the big board
i think we should draft if we can get harper
A big time power hitter
power pitcher
corner INF
whats your thoughts?


Some Baseball Short Stories

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Following are three short stories about the Cubs which have been published, one in an annual collection gone belly up, two others in a magazine which is like pulling teeth to get back issues from, so I'm posting them here.

'The Greatest" was in Knight Literary Journal, and is about a fictional all-star game played between white and black big leaguers in the early Thirties. "A Bunch of Guys Named Marion" is the story of a little boy who lives and dies with the 1945 Cubs, and "Right Field Out--Part Two" describes sneaking into Wrigley Field. The last two were in Spitball.

If you like them, there are more. And if you don't like them, those other ones
will stay put ... But I hope you like them.


Cubs need to sign Johnny Damon.

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I know the money they want to spend has been spent but they don't have a clear-cut leadoff hitter and Johnny Damon could lead off, is less expensive now than originally thought, and adds a quality clubhouse guy and winner to the team.

Sure, defense will be an issue. Who plays center? I say try Soriano or Damon in CF and understand that is going to be a weakness.



More on arbitration

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"When You Reach For Your Food, It's Nice to Have Money."

Inspired by Neil's:

Since it's been seventeen years, since the graceful Grace actually walked this court for our starring milk money, the last arbitration-case for the club of Chicago Cubs, I'll like to quote here and highlight some important FYI from Bill James's classic, "This Time Let's Not Eat the Bones," published 1989. As also part of the group that represent players in arbitration, James wrote in this book a long essay that explains what arbitration is, why baseball needs it, and what exactly does the arb. influences (I'm using the acronym if the voice is me).

We start with the character that is true about arbs.

"Real arbitration cases are polite, reserved, extraordinarily orderly, and involve as a rule almost no bitterness or anger. Of course, underneath the veneer of ...

The CCO received an email from FanMisery.com regarding a new app they have released for the iPhone and iPod touch.

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